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Improved Evaporation of Aqueous Samples

How does Vacuum Vortex Concentration technology help?

by BioChromato

Evaporating or concentrating samples is a common step in many sample preparation methods. Concentration of the sample happens when the sample solution is evaporated and is often required as a final step before analysis.

A new report looks at the advantages of evaporators using Vacuum Vortex Concentration (VVC) technology for concentrating or completely removing water to dry aqueous samples. In addition to providing a technical background to VVC technology, the report also includes case study commentary from users routinely concentrating or fully drying aqueous samples. Additionally, the report includes results from a study comparing the effectiveness of drying aqueous papain solutions on an evaporator using VVC technology and a nitrogen blowdown evaporator.

Download the report now to learn how to improve your evaporation of aqueous samples, courtesy of BioChromato.