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Informative Guide to Effective Sample Management

Tips, tricks, and solutions for effective sample management

by Ziath
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Ziath has published a comprehensive guide entitled 'Tips, tricks and solutions for effective sample management' in an easy-to-use eBook format.

Ziath's new guide, 'Tips, tricks and solutions for effective sample management'Ziath's new guide, 'Tips, tricks and solutions for effective sample management'Credit: ZiathWritten by highly experienced sample management professionals—the new guide book addresses key topics including: what is sample management?; why is effective sample management important?; problems arising from sample mismanagement; top tips for tube selection and labeling; top tips for sample collection; top tips for barcode scanning; and top tips for sample tracking

Steve Knight, commercial director at Ziath commented, "Sample management is the selecting, collecting, storage, and retrieval of samples and their inherent data. It is a fundamental part of quality control in a laboratory and, if overlooked, can have costly and time-consuming repercussions." He added, "The importance of an effective sample management system cannot be overstated. For laboratories of all sizes, implementing a comprehensive sample management system is essential for ensuring workflow efficiency, experiment accuracy, and sample quality".

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To read or download a copy of the new eBook guide, please visit or contact Ziath on +44-1223-855021 / +1-858-880-6920 /

Founded in 2005, Ziath specializes in development of innovative instrumentation control and information management products using 2D DataMatrix bar-coded tubes to simplify automation processes in life science organizations, from academia, to the biotech and pharma industries. For further information, please visit