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NuAire has teamed up with Hitachi Koki himac to offer High-Speed, Refrigerated, General-purpose Ultra, and Micro Ultracentrifuges to provide our customers with a reliable separation solution.

by NuAire

The Hitachi CS 150NX Tabletop Micro Ultracentrifuge, its compact size saves laboratory space. CS 150FNX Floor Standing Model provides users the optimum working height to access samples. Both are suitable when working with proteins, lipoproteins, cell organelle, DNA, RNA, viruses, carbon nanotubes, and nanoparticles.  Enter protocol information via Touch-sensitive LCD with graphic user interface icons. CS150NS has a quiet operation of 45 dBA, takes only 90 seconds to reach 150,000rpm and maximum RFC 1,050,000xg.  The Non-Contact Imbalance Detection System monitors the vibration of the rotor and drive shaft, in the event of an abnormal vibration the sensor stops the operation immediately.  Install and remove rotors by placing rotor on the drive shaft.  The rotor is automatically locked by centrifugal force.  User Lockout System, when sharing the centrifuge under joint utilization or in RI facilities limits utilization to registered personnel only.

The CP-WX Series Ultracentrifuges are general-purpose Ultracentrifuges with outstanding performance up to 100,000 rpm in 5 minutes and 803,000 xg RCF assisting in a wide range of separation tasks used in cell biology, biochemistry, and ano-material fields.  Reliable and efficient, the Hitachi CP-WX Series feature a Rotor Life Management (RLM) system to automatically maintain rotor logging history, maximizing rotor life.  Real Time Control (RTC) for direct entry of start/stop times and other parameters.  The operating height is 33.5" (85cm) making the large sized rotors easy to load and unload.

Hitachi's CR22N High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge offers reliable performance with a maximum RCF o 55,200xg and 6L capacity for bottles, tubes, or microplates. The Automatic Rotor Identification and Rotor Cover Detector make the CR22N the ideal separation tool for multiple research applications.  Equippped with an inverter refrigerator system which provides highly efficient temperature control of the rotor while requiring less electricity, with all standard rotors maintained at 4°C.  The CR22N has an Economy mode (automatic standby function), if the display is not touched over the set wait time, the system automatically dims the LCD and stops refrigeration reducing electricity by 83%.

Like the CS150 series, CP-WX Series and CR22N also utilize the Non-Contact Imbalance Detection System, Self-Locking Rotor System and User Lockout System.

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