Solving Key Challenges in Industrial Bioprocessing

by Erik Vaessen, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific
While it has somewhat lagged behind other industries, the biomanufacturing sector is increasingly adopting new technologies that support a more efficient future

A Brief Overview of Bioprocessing

by Rachel Muenz
Answering key questions and exploring recent trends relating to cell therapies in the pharmaceutical and medical industries

Opening Up Science

by Sherri Fraser, PhD
Open access resources and a peer review example for the future of science

Cybersecurity for Research Information Systems

by Terry Haley, PhD
With increasing connectivity of computer workstations, mobile devices, information systems, and laboratory instruments, the attack surface for hackers is growing

Are Vaping Products Safe?

by Michelle Dotzert, PhD
Seemingly innocuous flavors have adverse effects on the respiratory system

New Ways of ‘Seeing’ Viruses

by Michelle Dotzert, PhD
Sequence-based approaches enable scientists to investigate the roles of viruses in complex microbial communities