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diverse team of multi-ethnic young scientists analyzing test samples

Managing a Biotechnology Lab

by Rachel Muenz
Today’s life science laboratories face several challenges, but have just as many solutions to tackle these issues head-on
Two scientists analyzing samples in a laboratory while working together in the laboratory

Combining Technology and Wisdom in the Laboratory

by Stephen McColm, Team Leader — Molecular Automation at Ingenza
Combining the right tools and knowledge to engineer microbes more efficiently and predictably for use in industrial bioprocesses
3D render illustration of the set of brown metal steel liquefied compressed natural helium gas containers or cylinders with high pressure gauge meters and valves isolated on white background

Helium Shortage 4.0: How to Adapt

by Ian Black, MSComm, MSc, Scott D. Hanton, PhD
As supply lines become strained, consumers may need to ration their helium supply or find alternative options