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IONICON Launches AMC-Monitor T-1000 for the Semiconductor Industry

The all-in-one analyzer for FOUP, fab, and clean-room environment AMC monitoring

by IONICON Analytik
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AMC-Monitor T-1000 IONICON Analytik, the Austrian based leading manufacturer of real-time trace VOC analyzers, introduces a new modular and flexible platform for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) monitoring in typical semiconductor applications such as:

  • FOUP analysis for AMC with a focus on VOC and condensables incl. full integration with the Pfeiffer Vacuum APA 302 pod analyzer.
  • Clean-room monitoring in fabrication plants: automated detection of AMC at multiple sampling points with an integrated multiplexing system, directly in the fab at variable locations and even at the tool-level.
  • Monitoring of outside and intake air: automated fence line monitoring incl. alarm levels, up- and downstream filter testing.

AMC-Monitor T-1000

This comprehensive monitoring solution is now based on IONICON’s renowned PTR-TOFMS series bundled with the new “AME” analysis software. The Automated Measurement and Evaluation (AME) suite offers pre-set recipes for the specific monitoring challenges. The analyzer will scan automatically, identify target substances in the data and visualize the concentration of the selected AMC in real-time. An intelligent pattern matching algorithm provides accurate quantitative information of the identified contaminants, even in complex measurement environments.

The AMC-Monitor T-1000 enables the automated quantification of several hundred substances in real-time. Using the innovative PTR-TOF technology, all detectable compounds are analyzed simultaneously, with high sensitivity, and very low detection limits of < 1 pptv.

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The IONICON experts with their extensive experience in analytical chemistry provide pre-set recipes to choose from for the analysis of target species according to the particular foundry’s or tool manufacturer’s need, covering relevant chemicals present.

A scalable built-in multiplexing system minimizes analysis costs per sampling point. Remote operation and data transmission via Modbus TCP allows for integration into industrial systems. It is available as stand-alone instrument or fully integrated with the Pfeiffer Vacuum APA 302 FOUP analyzer. The AMC-Monitor is a cost-effective all-in-one solution for today and future VOC monitoring requirements.

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