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IOP Publishing Makes Abstracts Openly Available

By joining I4OA, IOPP will make all of its abstracts part of the fundamental metadata

by IOP Publishing
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IOP Publishing (IOPP) has joined the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA), a collaboration between publishers, infrastructure organizations, librarians, and researchers to promote the open availability of abstracts.

IOPP will deposit abstracts of their scholarly communications with Crossref, the not-for-profit Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration agency bringing together abstracts in a common format in one searchable cross-disciplinary database.

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By joining the initiative, IOPP will make all of its abstracts part of the fundamental metadata of the article so that they will be openly available and accessible to the scientific community for unrestricted machine reading. This expanded availability of article abstracts will boost the discoverability of scholarly research and increase their impact.

Daniel Keirs, IOPP’s head of journal strategy and performance, says: “We are excited to be joining the I4OA initiative as it supports our goal of increasing access to research in the disciplines we represent. We believe that I4OA will help to enhance the impact, recognition, and value of our researchers’ scholarly publications through the unlimited, centralized discoverability the initiative enables.”

Ludo Waltman, coordinator of I4OA, says: “We are pleased to have IOPP join our initiative. Having IOPP join a growing number of academic publishers shows their continued commitment to open science to expand the world of physics. As one of the largest publishers supporting I4OA, it’s great to have IOPP on board and we hope that many other publishers will follow their lead.”

- This press release was originally published on the IOP Publishing website