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January/February 2015 Technology News

The equipment, instruments, and systems introduced to the laboratory market at PITTCON 2015

by Lab Manager
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Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

BOOTH 223 

  • Particle size and shape analyzerCombines two technologies to measure particle size and shape using laser obscuration time (LOT) and dynamic shape analysis
  • Real time video ensures that “seeing is believing”
  • All automated through powerful 21 CFR-11 compliant Windows 7 software with numerous features to make user’s life easy
  • Equipped to meet any application requirement


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Module for PTR-TOFMS Series

Module for PTR-TOFMS SeriesBOOTH 2443

  • PTR-TOF systems are capable of measuring trace gas samples in real-time with a high mass resolving power; new module adds an optional chemical separation step before the analysis
  • Consists of a short GC column with an advanced heating concept for ultra-fast heating and equally fast cooling rates which makes this pre-separation step nearly real-time


X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

Epsilon 1
BOOTH 1140 & 1441

  • Provides a compact and cost-effective ‘out-of-the-box’ pre-calibrated solution for the analysis of residual catalysts in pharmaceutical materials
  • Easy to use
  • Includes installation qualification and operation qualification procedures
  • Aims to meet the industry need for pharmaceutical catalyst analysis

Malvern Panalytical 

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

UV-3600 Plus
BOOTH 3121

  • Equipped with three detectors–PMT (photomultiplier tube) for ultraviolet and visible regions, and InGaAs and cooled PbS detectors for the nearinfrared region–to ensure high sensitivity across the entire measured wavelength range
  • Compared to spectrophotometers with only PMT and PbS detectors, significantly reduces noise level to assure high-accuracy measurements across the entire wavelength range
  • Provides a wavelength range of 185 to 3,300 nm


Fluorescence Spectrometer

FluoroMate FS-2

  • Delivers a high resolution measurement with minimum 0.5 nm spectral bandwidth
  • Features high sensitivity, better than 4000 : 1 (RMS)
  • Includes software for complete analysis with various method settings and intuitive UI
  • Extends versatility in sample measurement with comprehensive accessories
  • Offers a spectroscopic window into molecular properties and behavior
  • Meets the demands for both research and routine lab analysis for a wide range of applications


Electrochemical Detector

CE 4720
BOOTH 3700

  • May be added to Cecil Instruments’ modular Adept and Q-Adept HPLC and IonQuest ion chromatography systems
  • Can also be used with third-party liquid chromatography systems, as control is through the detector’s stand-alone control keys
  • Features three modes: DC, scanning DC and pulsed amperometric
  • Sensitivities of 10 –15 mol are achievable with ease and simplicity

Cecil Instruments 

Laboratory and Process Analyzers

BOOTH 2749

  • Detect impurities in hydrocarbon streams using dry colorimetry technology
  • Serve the petrochemical, chemical, food & beverage and biofuels industry for online or laboratory settings
  • Majority of impurities are measured at ultralow PPB levels in gas or liquid and use ASTM and UOP methods where applicable
  • Environmentally-friendly analyzers provide maximum safety and sensitivity with virtually no known interference

C.I. Analytics 

MEMS-based Gas Chromatograph

BOOTH 1120

  • Detects benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, trichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and other VOCs in air, water, and soil down to 0.5 ppb in about five minutes
  • Reports the chemical name and concentration right to the screen and stores every chromatogram on a micro-SD card
  • Enables lab quality results in the field at the site where the samples are taken

Defiant Technologies 

Automated Chemistry Analyzer

OI Analytical FS 3700
BOOTH 3417 & 3517

  • Suited for running samples to perform ongoing daily monitoring for water quality and/or regulatory compliance in wastewater facility or environmental lab setting
  • Can improve productivity in measuring cyanide, nitrate/nitrite, phosphate, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), ammonia and many other parameters • Modular hardware allows FIA and/or SFA methods to be run interchangeably on the same unit


OEM Spectrometers

BOOTH 4409

  • Feature high resolution for the UV, VIS, and NIR ranges
  • Suited for integration into portable instruments for laser induced breakdown and Raman spectroscopy due to their small size and robust performance
  • Can be configured in a large number of ways, supporting several commonly-used CCD and CMOS detectors, as well as the option for scientists to use their own electronics with the spectrometer

Ibsen Photonics 


Kinetex® F5 and EVO C18
BOOTH 3637

  • Kinetex F5, is a new pentafluorophenyl propyl (PFP) core-shell phase that overcomes reproducibility and performance limitations of existing PFP and F5 products on the market
  • EVO C18, is a new age core-shell selectivity that incorporates a Phenomenex-patented organo-silica grafting process that provides pH stability from 1-12, improved peak shape for bases, and 100 percent aqueous stability


Atomic Emission Spectrometers

ICPE-9800 Series
BOOTH 3121

  • Series includes the ICPE-9810 (axial) and ICPE-9820 spectrometers (dual view)
  • Feature a photometric system ideal for analyzing a large variety of samples
  • Allow for simultaneous analysis of trace and high-concentration samples without concern for contamination by simply switching between axial and radial views
  • Help reduce argon gas consumption to about half of normal levels


Portable Raman Spectrometer

i-Raman® Pro
BOOTH 2156

  • Features deeper TE cooling and tablet synchronization capabilities than regular i-Raman series instruments
  • A high quantum efficiency CCD array detector, innovative smart spectrometer technology, and high dynamic range allow this unit to deliver an improved signal to noise ratio
  • Small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption provide research-grade Raman capabilities anywhere

B&W Tek 

UV-Vis UV Spectrophotometer Sensors

BOOTH 3417 & 3517

  • Measure numerous parameters as part of an IQ SensorNet system
  • Can measure a broad spectrum (256 wavelengths for each measurement) for increased accuracy
  • Are reagentless and have built-in UltraClean® ultrasonic cleaning, both features enabling lower maintenance requirements over the life of the sensor
  • YSI also offers single wavelength sensors available for certain parameters


Combustion Elemental Analyzer

BOOTH 1717

  • A low sulfur version of the market-leading CS844 combustion elemental analyzer
  • Incorporates a sulfur trap to enhance detection limits and precision, minimizing cycle time and maintenance needs
  • High-efficiency combustion furnace offers the efficient combustion of a wide variety of samples and minimizes clean-up
  • Features a high-velocity HEPA vacuum system, 10- and 60-position sample autoloaders, and Cornerstone® brand software


Copper Digital Detection Imaging

BOOTH 4219

  • Using a high-resolution camera with optical intelligence, CuDDI identifies exact levels of corrosivity present from petroleum through a 4-step automated vision algorithm and classification process
  • Calculates and displays accurate corrosivity ratings in a matter of seconds
  • Results are digitally recorded and seamlessly integrated with LIMS software
  • Higher precision, patent pending design eliminates guesswork and operator bias

Ayalytical Instruments 

UHR-qTOF Mass Spectrometer

maXis II™
BOOTH 2027 & 4101

  • Allows the simultaneous analysis of small molecules and megadalton proteins on one analytical platform
  • Provides (>80,000) Full-Sensitivity Resolution (FSR) at UPLC acquisition speeds
  • A High Mass Option (HMO) yielding native spray MS capabilities provides enhanced analytical performance levels
  • The Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) option provides a powerful additional MS-MS fragmentation technique for the sequence analysis of intact proteins


Core-Shell HPLC Columns SpeedCore

PH Plus
BOOTH 1245

  • Offer users the ability to work at low, mid, or high pH on a core-shell column
  • Provide ultra-high efficiencies whilst expanding the ability to use pH range as a method development tool • Now offer an expanded pH range from pH 1-12, meaning no buffer or pH limitations
  • Available as 2.6um or 5um particle size

Fortis Technologies 

Basic Lab

Ductless Fume Hood

Purair 20

  • A face velocity at 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes and an alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level
  • All mechanisms in the head section of the Purair 20 are on the clean side of the filter, thus preventing contamination
  • Work area has a removable spillage tray which can be easily cleaned

Air Science USA 

Automated Pipette Tip Washer


  • Enables labs to wash and sanitize contaminated pipette tips in large quantities for reuse
  • Offers labs a choice to re-use plastic pipette tips several times; cutting associated consumable costs by up to 90%
  • Uses a unique method of washing and sanitation that is safe for both the lab and the environment
  • Provides a throughput of 24 tip racks/hour; 2,304 tips/hour


Sample Prep Station

BOOTH 1546

  • Developed through collaborations with leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to speed up the sample preparation process
  • This 10-station system can prepare content uniformity samples or assays up to 90% faster than conventional methods
  • Provides adjustable speed from 100 to 6000 rpm and run times from 5 seconds to 30 minutes


Vapor Delivery Modules

VDM Series
BOOTH 2606

  • Incorporate a (thermal or Coriolis) liquid flow controller, one or two mass flow controllers for carrier gas and a temperature-controlled mixing and evaporation device
  • Feature a 1.8” TFT display and push-buttons for local readout and control
  • Can generate vapor flows within the range of 100 sccm up to 10 SLM

Bronkhorst USA 

Universal Steel Laboratory Cabinet

BOOTH 1011

  • Engineered using an innovative design process
  • Part of a new line of high-quality steel casework that provides a wide variety of sizes and styles that are field-convertible
  • New Mistral fume hood is also available, providing excellent safety and reliability to maximize containment of gases, fumes and vapors within the laboratory environment

Hamilton Scientific 

Atomic Force Microscope


  • Utilizes a self-detecting cantilever, eliminating the need for tedious laser alignment
  • Proprietary intelligent scanning (SIS) provides excellent data accuracy
  • Seamless operation via auto measurement: features include high-speed Q-curve, auto-approach, and parameter optimization, offering true point-and-click results for sample topography and phase imaging
  • Supports a variety of in-situ observations and measurement conditions, including high vacuum and liquids

Hitachi High Technologies America 

Class II, Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet

Purifier® Axiom™
BOOTH 1116 & 1117

  • Can function as a Type A2, which recirculates air back into the laboratory, and as a Type B2, which is ducted to the outside
  • Offers an Omni-Flex design, allowing the cabinet to be installed in a Type A mode when not working with chemical hazards or in a ducted Type B mode when the application changes for using hazardous vapors


Stepper Motor Rotary Valves

BOOTH 1227

  • Made with PTFE and PCTFE
  • Designed for the medical, chemical, biological, and environmental industries and the laboratory instruments and devices sectors
  • Replace existing fluidic control systems such as manifolds installed with multi isolation valves and are being widely used for various new fluidic control projects and innovations
  • Available for many flow path applications

Fluidic High Technology 

1,200°C Tube Furnaces

BOOTH 3818 & 3819

  • Suited for heating small sample volumes with excellent temperature uniformity
  • Offer an extensive range of compact split and non-split tube furnaces for laboratory use
  • Available with heated lengths of 150, 300, 450 and 600 mm and a maximum tube diameter of 60 mm
  • Tube materials offered are metal, ceramic and quartz


Filtered Fume Hood

Protector® Echo™
BOOTH 1116 & 1117

  • Unit’s sensor package, backup filters and optional g-Guard® remote monitoring software are intended to work with a broader range of chemicals than other ductless enclosures
  • In the event of chemical breakthrough or loss of airflow, an alarm sounds and the communication system alerts a designated email address
  • Allows a designated safety officer to be made aware of problems through an Internet-enabled mobile device


Glassware Washer

G7825 Standard
BOOTH 3319

  • Cleans a wide variety and large volumes of glassware, making it a customized solution for the education market, but still wellsuited to any laboratory
  • Provides high throughput at a competitive price while being extremely user-friendly
  • Profitronic interface offers fast programming and ease of use
  • Equipped with a fully modular basket system for total load flexibility


Professional Waterproof Portable Meters

HI9819X Series
BOOTH 3619

  • Designed to measure pH, ORP, ion concentration with an ISE, conductivity (EC), and dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Series includes the HI98190 (pH/ORP), HI98191 (pH/ORP/ISE), HI98192 (EC/TDS/resistivity/salinity), and HI98193 (DO/barometric pressure/BOD) models
  • Feature a large backlit graphic LCD that is easily viewed under any lighting condition
  • All meters have dedicated keys for routine functions

Hanna Instruments 

Correlative Microscopy Stage

Linkam CMS196
BOOTH 1611

  • Allows scientists to keep a sample vitrified at a constant –196°C in its own chamber, avoiding contamination, while enabling the full workflow of CLEM
  • Up to three electron microscopy grids can be placed on a specially-designed cassette
  • Cassette can be easily and safely transported from the observation chamber–without contamination or devitrification– to an electron microscope for further analysis

The McCrone Group 

Fume Hood

BOOTH 2548

  • Large glass panels bring in natural light and views while giving supervisors the ability to see that students or employees are working safely
  • Sleek curves improve aerodynamics and appearance
  • UL 1805 listed, tested to ASHRAE 110 standards, provides containment at face velocities as low as 60 fpm and is designed for multiple applications
  • Available in single and double-faced configurations

Mott Manufacturing 

Fume Extractor

BOOTH 3521

  • Specifically developed for the extraction of airborne pollutants at high temperatures such as those generated from atomic absorption apparatus
  • Newly-designed rectangular 10” by 19” hood profile allows for exhaust capture from dual oven ports in close proximity
  • Features a 17” vertical adjustment, 10” horizontal extension capability and 180° swiveling wall mount for quick and easy repositioning


Precision Weighing Positioner

UnistatTM BF1-500

  • Provides a simple yet effective means of eliminating any static charge that can affect the accuracy of the user’s measurement, when used in conjunction with NRD’s proprietary Staticmaster® 2U500 Alpha ionizing cartridge
  • Includes a 72” ground wire and plug adapter
  • The only self-powered static eliminator available today that yields a “zero volts” balanced output to completely eliminate electrostatic charge


Laser-Based Infrared Microscopy

BOOTH 1000

  • Outperforms existing Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) microscopes in traditional metrics such as spatial resolution, speed, and field-of-view (FOV)
  • Enables new modalities such as live absorbance contrast imaging and sparse data collection
  • Features a small desktop footprint and the elimination of cryogenic cooling
  • Offers a modern data collection and analysis workflow through its ChemVisionTM software

Daylight Solutions 

LC/MS Membrane Nitrogen Generator

NitroFlow 60
BOOTH 3836

  • Self-contained nitrogen generator is capable of producing up to 60 slpm of pure LC/MS grade nitrogen at pressures of up to 110 psig
  • Suited for multiple LC/MS and new LC/MS instruments requiring high flow
  • Output flow produced by the unit is equivalent to using one cylnider of compressed gas every two hours

Parker Balston 

High Pressure Hydrogen Generators

BOOTH 3836

  • Produce up to 1,300 cc/minute of 99.99999+% pure hydrogen
  • Eliminate dangerous and expensive cylinders of hydrogen fuel gases and helium carrier gases
  • Allow users to supply, control, and automate all hydrogen gas supplies
  • A single generator can support up to as many as 20 instruments with fuel and carrier gas
  • Suited for fast, ultra-fast and flash GC requirements

Parker Balston 

General Purpose Water Baths


  • Combine exceptional temperature control with full-featured digital functionality and ease of operation
  • Designed to accommodate a wide variety of clinical and laboratory applications
  • Maintain bath temperatures from ambient +5° to 99°C with ±0.1° stability and ±0.2°C uniformity
  • Available with 2, 5, 10, 20, or 28 liter single chamber reservoirs


Electronic Mat Capper

BOOTH 4116 & 4117

  • Produces top quality seals and minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries in operators tasked with sealing deep well microplates or storage tube racks with re-useable cap mats
  • Applies firm even pressure simultaneously across the whole cap mat, ensuring a tight even fit across the plate or rack
  • Delivers perfect sealing time after time, thereby ensuring sample integrity

Porvair Sciences 

Surface Area & Pore Size Analyzer

BOOTH 1436

  • Provides higher speed and higher throughput analyses of up to four independent samples
  • Features built-in flow and optional vacuum sample preparation, extended Dewar life, and a more robust cryogen level control, coupled with a new sleek look, and user-friendly touchscreen
  • Both the standard and the advanced LX models are offered with one, two, three, or four sample stations and five gas input ports

Quantachrome Instruments 

High Energy Ball Mill

BOOTH 3818 & 3819

  • The combination of high friction and impact results in extremely fine particles within the shortest amount of time
  • High energy input is a result of a speed of 2000 min-1 and the jar design
  • A water cooling system allows the high energy input to be effectively used for the grinding process without overheating the sample


Stainless Steel Test Weights

Essential Weights
BOOTH 2408

  • Designed with convenience in mind without sacrificing precision
  • Available in sets of three or four stainless steel test weights specifically tailored to the user’s balance
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory professionals can benefit from being able to customize configurations ideal for specific calibration, shift test, and sensitivity tests
  • Equipped with ASTM Class 1, polished stainless steel Type II design weights

Rice Lake Weighing Systems 

CO2 Incubators

Heracell VIOS Series
BOOTH 2523

  • Allow scientists to maximize their productivity with excellent reproducibility, reliability and efficiency
  • ISO class 5 HEPA filters protect against airborne microbes and particulates
  • Steri-Run, a fully automatic on-demand overnight 180°C sterilization cycle assures uniform 6-log high-temperature sterilization on all surfaces
  • Features a condensation-free chamber with covered, protected humidity reservoir

Thermo Fisher Scientific 


Sorvall WX+
BOOTH 2523

  • Allows researchers to easily protect samples while achieving reliable and consistent results
  • Offers up to 100,000 rpm performance in a small footprint to maximize space in the lab
  • Provides lightweight and fatigue-resistant Thermo Scientific Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors
  • Includes automatic tube balancing compensation, which accelerates sample preparation by allowing visual sample balancing up to 5 millimeters

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

-40°C Blast Freezers

XBF40 Series
BOOTH 2523

  • Provide rapid cooling during the sample preparation process, prior to freezer storage
  • Available in two options: the XBF40D-MD, designed for rapid plasma freezing, and the XBF40D, for general-purpose applications
  • Helps researchers save time during sample preparation and is also economical, versatile and easy to use
  • Adjustable shelves allow users to place various types of containers

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Multiparameter Handheld Meter

BOOTH 3417 & 3517

  • Adds turbidity measurement as an option to the handheld line
  • Incorporates universal ports, a color display, as well as smart sensor technology
  • Smart sensors enable automatic configuration of the sensor when installed, and those configurations stay with the sensor–even if removed from the instrument–providing ultimate flexibility

Xylem Analytics 

Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

Certified Reference Materials

Snap-N-Spike® and Snap-N-Shoot®
BOOTH 2419

  • New solution-based certified reference materials (CRMs) of seven Cannabis biomarkers have been released–cannabidivarin (CBDV), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), delta9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid A (THCA-A), and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)
  • Suitable for use in Cannabis testing applications by GC, GC-MS, HPLC, or LC-MS-MS, including potency testing, cannabinoid and impurity profiling, pharmaceutical research, or forensic analysis


PBDE Standards

BOOTH 4000

  • Chem Service offers 95 percent of its chemicals with a 98 percent purity or higher, so there is no need for purity correction
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has consistently added to its significant new use rules on PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) in the past decade
  • PBDEs are commonly used as fire retardants in a variety of products

Chem Service 

HPLC Solvents

BOOTH 4305

  • High purity solvents are low residue and low water
  • Provide low UV-absorbance
  • Assure optimum sensitivity and long-term stability
  • Distilled and purified
  • HPLC acetonitrile, methanol, and ethanol solvents available

Concord Technology 

Pharmaceutical Primary Reference Standards

BOOTH 2522

  • Are high purity, fully characterized, and satisfy the requirements of the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Produced under ISO Guide 34 and accompanied by a comprehensive certificate of analysis
  • Detailed assay data obtained by qNMR and other accredited techniques is also included

LGC Standards 

NFKB Translocation Kit

BOOTH 2017

  • Permits quantitative, statistically-robust assessment of NFKB translocation
  • Allows for analysis at single-cell level
  • Optimized and designed for Amnis® imaging flow cytometers
  • Uses imaging flow cytometry to obtain statistically significant quantitative assessment of NFKB translocation
  • Works with cultured cell lines and whole blood cells

EMD Millipore 

Reference Materials

BOOTH 3605

  • Available for a range of applications including density, flash point, liquid color, refractive index, TAN/TBN, and viscosity standards
  • Paragon holds dual accreditation status under the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to international standards of ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34, ensuring a high level of quality assurance on a global scale
  • Feature some of the lowest levels of uncertainty of measurement available

Paragon Scientific 

30 mL Shots for ICP and ICP-MS Standards

Plasma Shots®
BOOTH 2428 & 2429

  • For ICP and ICP-MS grade single elements standards
  • Deliver high quality in a smaller volume so users will have less waste and expired materials
  • Same day shipping available and no hazardous shipping costs
  • Offer accreditation by A2LA under ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34

SPEX CertiPrep 


BOOTH 1346

  • Provide efficient and reliable performance even at very low residue concentration
  • Mean decreased money and time spent on sample preparation
  • Offer convenient packaging for extra productiveness



Liquid Handler Software

ArtelWare v1.2
BOOTH 2440

  • Adds sophisticated tools for liquid handler monitoring with Artel’s MVS® Multichannel Verification System
  • New, color-coded heat maps for relative inaccuracy and %CV allow users to view performance trends over the microplate
  • Also features ability to export any performance trending graphs to a variety of formats, delivering visual data to decision-makers and supporting compliance reporting needs


Chemical and Sensory Software

AroChemBase V5
BOOTH 4110

  • Provides a direct link between user’s chromatograms and an enlarged library of chemical and sensory data
  • Makes compound characterization easier and more reliable
  • Allows users to refine their searches with the multi-criteria search engine, save search results, or add their own data
  • Designed for any GC or GC-MS brand

Alpha M.O.S 

Laboratory Information Management System

Matrix Gemini
BOOTH 2837

  • More than an easily-configurable LIMS for a variety of laboratories and applications
  • Provides a systematic quality management resource for tracking, storage, auditing, and reporting of data across all segments of a business or company
  • ‘OneTime configuration tools’ allow this LIMS to be configured without the use of custom programming or esoteric basic scripting tools

Autoscribe Informatics 

Research Discovery Application

BOOTH 2731

  • Provides access to the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative source of chemistry and related scientific information
  • Scientists use SciFinder’s extensive suite of tools to find the references, substances, and reaction information critical to their research discovery efforts
  • Enables users to increase productivity, achieve faster breakthroughs, and make better decisions

Chemical Abstracts Service 

Chromatography Software

Clarity version 5.0.5
BOOTH 4211

  • Now enables both direct instrument control and digital data acquisition for Hitachi Chromaster and Primaide HPLC systems with the release of new control drivers
  • Hitachi drivers will be available in selected territories through Hitachi official partners
  • Features an intuitive approach, excellent performance, costeffectiveness and proficient technical support


Cartridge Extractor Software

SmartPrep® version 2
BOOTH 1547

  •  Validated software is designed for the SmartPrep Extractor cartridge-based solid phase extraction (SPE) system
  • Further simplifies SPE processes by expanding on small volume loading and sample cleanup techniques for testing within the food safety/packing migration, environment and health monitoring, as well as agriculture/ animal health markets
  • Manual SPE methods for standardized FDA, USDA, EPA, and AOAC methods can be converted for use with the SmartPrep extractor

Horizon Technology 

Laboratory Information Management System

BOOTH 2937

  • Allows users to run their labs more efficiently and with fewer errors by automating tasks and integrating with instruments and systems
  • Can adapt to changing business needs after initial implementation
  • Comes standard with features essential to laboratory operations
  • Able to support hundreds of concurrent users as well as interface with most instruments

LabVantage Solutions 

Control Software for Atomic Spectroscopy

BOOTH 1026

  • Cross-platform instrument control solution enables lab professionals conducting inorganic elemental analyses to work seamlessly across multiple techniques and enhance their productivity
  • Provides workflow-based navigation with a modern user interface harmonized across all PerkinElmer atomic spectroscopy techniques
  • Features a unique icon-based design that simplifies navigation and walks the user through every step of the analysis


Lab Automation

Microwave Digestion System

Discover SP-D Gold
BOOTH 2509

  • Provides lab personnel with a fully automated option for preparing difficult sample matrices such as crude oil, polymers and aromatic compounds
  • Can operate at temperatures of up to 300C and pressures to 700 psi
  • Provides the necessary conditions to completely digest the sample and provide a clear solution for analysis
  • Easy to use


GC Autosampler

BOOTH 2125

  • Offers: servo motor drive; simultaneous x-y movement; fast, software programmed injection; Ethernet or USB connection; internal PAL BUS with Windows; HiDef hand control or virtual PC terminal; and 324 vial capacity
  • Configured to be an integrated companion to Falcon’s CALIDUS GC
  • Provides a huge efficiency boost to the user

Falcon Analytical 

Liquid Solution Production System


  • Smart, adaptable and fully automated
  • Offers complete control over measuring and mixing solid and liquid compounds, and over environmental constraints, including sterility
  • Allows users to order and customize solutions remotely using its web or mobile interface, and notifies users when they have been filtered, securely dispensed, and are ready to be collected
  • Provides excellent process integration and data transparency


Automated Tube Labeler

Sci-Print VX2
BOOTH 1104

  • Can label a variety of tubes including microtubes, cryovials and vacutainers ranging in size from 0.5 ml to 50 ml
  • Small footprint saves valuable space in the lab
  • Helps increase productivity and efficiency in the lab
  • Provides valuable walk-away time to attend to other important tasks
  • Eliminates human error and ensures consistency of label placement


Life Science


BOOTH 1346

  • Acts as the central platform in advanced systems for parallel synthesis
  • Patented valve mechanism enables simultaneous bottom drainage of all reaction vessels, aided by the use of vacuum and pressure
  • Offers full internal Flow-through parallel processing of chemical reactions
  • Specially designed for parallel synthesis and screening reactions
  • Compact, flexible, and modular design easily fits into users’ wokrflows


Compact Flow Cytometer


  • Delivers high sensitivity and resolution for excellent fluorescence and nanoparticle detection
  • Fits in a 16-inch square bench space and weighs just 50 pounds
  • Offers up to 21 configurations, from basic setup to a multi-color, multi-laser sophisticated analyzer
  • Patent-pending optical design optimizes excitation and light collection efficiency from up to three lasers (405, 488 and 638 nm)

Beckman Coulter 

Multichannel Fiberoptic System

Art Photonics FluoDuoFiber
BOOTH 2743

  • Modular platform of the system allows users to change LED and diode lasers for different excitation wavelengths–with correspondent filter changes in PMT channels
  • Dual channel system and correspondent fiber probes can be also modified to triple or more channels and can be customized not only for its use in lab, but for a broad variety of other applications

Electro Optical Components 

Protein Detection System for IHC

SNAP i.d.® 2.0
BOOTH 2017

  • Streamlines immunohistochemistry workflows and significantly decreases slide handling time
  • Enables parallel processing of up to 24 tissue slides at a time, reducing process variability
  • Applies proven vacuum-driven technology to remove reagents from tissue sections, in seconds
  • Intuitive format reduces slide handling and speeds wash steps during blocking, washing, antibody incubation, and labeling

EMD Millipore 

Life Science Products

VTS, MicroTS, and Co-Mix

  • Current portfolio includes heat-sealing solutions for microplates, with the VTS microplate heat sealer and its compact counterpart, the MicroTS
  • PCR plates and deep-well plates (including unique film and foil seals), and tube pickers for microtubes are also offered
  • Vitl also offers the Co-Mix combined mixer and vortexer, which allows users to utilize both functions simultaneously

Vitl Products 

Supplies & Consumables

Reciprocating Seal for SFC

BOOTH 1230

  • Suitable for pressures at 6,000 psi and above
  • Reciprocating flange seal with a PEEK backup ring combines proven canted coil spring energizer technology and advanced polymer formulation ideal for CO2 pumps used in supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) • Designed to handle temperatures as low as 5°C
  • Engineered to operate effectively at both the low and the high pressures inherent in SFC

Bal Seal Engineering 

Flash Purification Cartridges and Samplets

BOOTH 1811

  • Optimized for use with Biotage ACI™ and Isolera™ flash systems and are available in 12g, 30g, 60g, 120g, 400g, 950g and 1,850g cartridge sizes
  • Enable chemists to load 2-3% weight percentage of samples onto reversed phase columns, a marked improvement when compared to the currently typical 0.5-1% loads


High Performance UVC LEDs

BOOTH 4311

  • Provide high light output and spectral quality to provide increased measurement accuracy over a wide concentration range
  • Offered in peak wavelengths from 250 – 280 nm and power bins from 0.5–4 mW
  • Suited for spectroscopic applications in analytical and life sciences instrumentation
  • Reliability and long lifetimes allow for uninterrupted, continuous operation while reducing the overall cost and footprint for the end user

Crystal IS 


BOOTH 1305

  • Glassco specializes in volumetric, jointed, and filtration glassware
  • Manufactured from ASTM E -438 TYPE-1 CLASS A (BORO 3.3)
  • Made as per DIN EN ISO, ASTM AND USP standards


Atomic Absorption Lamps

BOOTH 3901

  • Priced for budget-conscience labs where AA spectroscopy instrumentation is used
  • Provide stable light output over the entire lamp life
  • Made in Japan and all connectors on the wires are exactly the same as the OEM instrumentation that they fit into, such as Shimadzu and Hitachi
  • Can be used in a spectrometer to determine different elements in solution

JM Science 

IVD Products

BOOTH 1223

  • Mintubes draws its own tubing, providing users with smooth ID, the least variation in ID and OD dimensions in almost whatever metal material is required
  • Allows improved precision in sampling for seamless capillary tubing, needles, and other tubing used in LC-GC and UHPLC
  • Minitubes can fabricate components such as sample needles and loop capillaries in-house


Laboratory Glassware


  • Normax is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of scientific glassware with over 60 years of expertise and several certifications issued by SGS- ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and CE 0120
  • Company specializes in Pasteur pipettes, petri dishes, volumetric articles (such as volumetric flasks, graduated pipettes, measuring cylinders, burettes) with batch certification, watch glasses, and desiccators, and many more lab products are offered


SVOC Certified Reference Materials

BOOTH 3626

  • Essential for accurate measurements of semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in indoor air and emission testing
  • VSL provides traceable primary gas standards for users’ analyses and quality control
  • Fulfil ISO 17025 and ISO guide 34 and are accredited by the Dutch accreditation council
  • A large selection of components and concentrations from styrene to phthalates is available