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Lab Ceiling and Flooring Purchasing Guide

Ceiling and flooring materials form the foundation of your lab.

by Lab Manager
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Ceiling and flooring materials form the foundation of your lab. They are the most important part of establishing a controlled environment, preventing hazardous materials from escaping your laboratory and contaminants from entering. The specifications of your lab will define the type of ceiling and flooring you will need to maintain a safe work environment.

5 Questions to ask when purchasing ceiling and flooring solutions

  1. Are there specifications your ceilings or floors need to meet? Will you require continuous ceiling or flooring materials to form an environmental barrier or can they be paneled?
  2. How easy is the ceiling or flooring material to clean? Will it withstand heavyduty cleaning such as power washing?
  3. Does the flooring consider the safety of your lab workers? For example, is it non-slip or anti-microbial?
  4. How durable is the ceiling or flooring material? Will the ceiling hold up over time? Will the flooring withstand the regular foot and equipment traffic in your lab?
  5. How difficult would it be to patch the ceiling or flooring if maintenance is required? Would it need to be replaced entirely?

Maintenance Tip

Proper maintenance of your ceiling and flooring will help prolong their lives. Consult with the manufacturer and installer of your materials for proper care instructions. Some simple acts can help prevent damage to your flooring. For example, avoid dropping sharp objects onto the floor and properly clean up any chemical spills as soon as they happen. You should also inspect your ceiling on a regular basis and replace any damaged or aging ceiling tiles as necessary.

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