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Digital Event: Lab Manager Asset Management Digital Summit

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Lab Manager Asset Management Digital Summit

Making Smart Lab Instrument Decisions

One pressing concern for lab managers is when, and how, to purchase new equipment for their facility. Many think that asset management solely focuses on procuring new equipment, but this area of lab management responsibility is much more broad than that. Lab managers also need to make good decisions regarding good and bad investments for their lab, which instruments to cover under service contracts, whether to buy or lease, addressing operational costs of instruments, and should they sell, gift, or recycle unwanted equipment. 

Lab Manager will host industry experts speaking on these topics and more during its Asset Management Summit, on March 16-17. Hear from top leaders in the industry as they explain effective strategies to oversee your lab’s asset portfolio, and how you can make wise financial decisions that will maximize your budget. An audience Q&A session will follow each session. Register for free to attend this educational event that will offer valuable guidance as you address your workplace challenges. 

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