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Green Labs Digital Summit
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Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit
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Working Toward a More Sustainable Lab

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July 20-21, 2021
From 11 AM EDT

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Labs are well-known as “energy hogs,” which leads to a lasting impact on both the environment and the budget. As more companies move toward a more sustainable future, labs are following suit by planning facilities that are more flexible to deal with changes in research and science; incorporating more sunlight into the design plan to cut back on heating and lighting costs; reducing the amount of landfill waste they generate; and finding other ways to do more with less. It’s important to remember that a more sustainable lab can’t be developed overnight—lab managers should take a look at the small changes they can make now, to save time and money down the road. 

Join Lab Manager on July 20-21 for our Green Labs Digital Summit, “Working Toward a More Sustainable Lab.” This two-day program will feature industry experts who will share their experiences in the sustainable lab, and will offer advice to help you “green” your own lab through lower energy consumption, less landfill waste, and more sustainable work processes. A Q&A session with the audience will follow each session.  Visit for more information and to register for free.