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Digital Event: Lab Manager Leadership Digital Summit

Lab Manager Leadership Digital Summit
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Lab Manager Leadership Digital Summit
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Run Your Lab Like a Business

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June 15-16, 2021
From 11 AM EDT

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Lab managers are already familiar with the science and research done in their workplace, but they may wish for more guidance to better understand the aspects of people leadership for the lab staff. As a lab manager, you may find yourself wondering how to deal with difficult decisions regarding negotiating, communication, performance management, recruiting & hiring, employee engagement, motivation, and morale. Preparation is needed to conduct uncomfortable conversations with staff, and how to recover from distressing situations.

Join Lab Manager on June 15-16 for its Leadership Digital Summit, where a group of lab leadership professionals will offer guidance on effective strategies for lab management and people leadership. Hear from these industry experts as they advise on how managers can improve their leadership, communication, and people management skills, and run a productive, cost-effective lab facility. Speakers will share insight into how to better communicate with one's colleagues, how to make confident decisions, and how to optimize the research and production that goes on in the lab. Audience members will be invited to participate in a Q&A with speakers during each session, as they gather information to take back to their own labs and improve their own experiences. Visit for more information and free registration for this exciting event!