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Lab Startups

A guide before you begin

Lab Startups

A lab startup guide before you begin

by PerkinElmer
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Q: So, you’re changing your lab, expanding, or opening a new one?

Congratulations. But now you're starting to realize there's lots to do. Without a plan and proper support, it can be a daunting task. Not only understanding which boxes to check, but which lists to write can be overwhelming. Lab funding isn’t endless, and a bad financial decision could stall your research and career progress. Whether you’re starting from ground zero or moving to a new space, setting up your lab the right way, the first time, is crucial to streamlined functioning and future expansion.

A:Asking the right questions early on is one of the crucial steps to success.

Building a checklist and knowing what questions to ask will get you off to a good start. Get thinking about infrastructure, equipment and instrumentation, as well as the protocols to have in place and support for your people and ongoing maintenance. Shortlist and engage the right vendors, who can help you with grant-matching and big discounts on the kit you’ll need as well as supporting you to optimize your lab space and ask questions you haven’t thought of yet.

Read this helpful guide before you begin and start your lab startup journey.

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