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Lonza Hosts 1st Global Endotoxin Testing Summit

Lonza will host the 1st Global Endotoxin Testing Summit, which will take place from June 1-3rd 2015 in Annapolis, MD and Pickering Beach, DE.  The summit, hosted by one of the world’s leading suppliers of endotoxin detection products, will cover topics such as low endotoxin recovery, the use of alternative test methods that do not rely on horseshoe crab blood, and new options for process optimization.

by Lonza
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The Summit will feature a broad panel of internationally renowned speakers spanning industry, vendors and regulatory bodies. They will discuss and explore the latest topics in endotoxin detection, sharing their insights with attendees from across the globe. Delegates will also get the opportunity to peek into the life of the horseshoe crab that plays such a huge role in endotoxin testing, thanks to a collaboration with the Ecological Research and Development Group (ERDG) and its Just Flip ‘em!® program. As part of the Lonza summit, attendees will have the chance to visit an official Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary Beach during the peak of spawning season and save crabs that have been stranded on shore. 

“Unlike other conferences that focus on topics related to QC testing on a broader scale, we anticipate that this event will develop into a new forum that will draw people from various roles within the endotoxin testing community to discuss current issues specificallyrelated to endotoxin detection,” said Kevin Williams, a Lonza senior scientist who is well known in the industry for his 30 years of hands-on experience in the area of pharmaceutical quality control and endotoxin testing. 

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Glenn Gauvry, founder of ERDG, was upbeat about having attendees learn more about horseshoe crabs: "In 1998, ERDG started two integrated initiatives; our Just flip ‘em!® and Backyard Stewardship® community horseshoe crab sanctuary programs. The two were created to overcome the indifference towards this remarkable animal…. and build upon our belief that conservation on an individual level can grow from a compassionate act that will collectively shape a community. These two programs represent the only coordinated community conservation program around the Delaware Bay area focused on the conservation of horseshoe crabs.” 

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