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Lonza Introduces the New CytoSMART™ 2 System for Live Cell Imaging

The CytoSMART™ 2 Device features an advanced optical system and more powerful camera unit, which enables researchers to capture higher-resolution images of their cell cultures

by Lonza
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CytoSMART™ 2 System for Live Cell Imaging© Lonza, BaselCologne (DE) / Basel (CH), 19 September 2017 – Lonza has today introduced the CytoSMART™ 2 System, an updated version of Lonza’s popular CytoSMART™ System for live cell imaging. The CytoSMART™ 2 Device features an advanced optical system and more powerful camera unit, which enables researchers to capture higher-resolution images of their cell cultures. Images taken can be digitally enlarged two-fold to display more cellular detail for enhanced monitoring of cell cultures, migration assays and differentiation experiments. 

Lonza’s CytoSMART™ 2 System is easy to set up and can take time-lapse recordings without having to remove cultures from the incubator. Since fluctuations in the surrounding environment can affect cellular behavior, capturing images from inside the incubator with the CytoSMART™ 2 Device allows the cells to be exposed to constant conditions throughout the duration of an experiment. 

Images taken with the CytoSMART™ 2 System are transmitted to the CytoSMART™ Connect Cloud. This allows researchers to view their cells and download images from the CytoSMART™ Connect Cloud Project Page on a computer, tablet or smartphone at any time and from any location. The system’s cell-confluency monitoring function prevents the need to determine confluency by eye—a process that is highly user dependent—ensuring standardization across cultures. In addition, Lonza’s CytoSMART™ 2 Device allows scientists to create automatic email alerts to notify them when cultures have reached a desired confluency without having to step into the laboratory.  

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Data transfer from the CytoSMART™ 2 System to the cloud via WiFi or LAN transmission and its ability to operate offline both allow for flexible image recording and storage to seamlessly integrate with different network set-ups.  

“Due to the success of our first CytoSMART™ System, we wanted to develop an updated version with some valuable new features to further assist researchers with their live cell imaging,” said Claudia Schwartz, Product Manager, Lonza. “Scientists already using our CytoSMART™ System can upgrade to the new model to capture higher-resolution images of key cellular processes, including migration, invasion, and differentiation. This model will enhance our understanding of diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers will also be able to monitor the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells.” 

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