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LSI Lab Safety Training Opportunities

Find out when LSI safety training will be in your city!

The Laboratory Safety Institute

The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) will be running two- and three-day safety training courses starting April 17. The courses will be held in the following cities:


Apr 17-18 Natick, MA
Apr 23-24 San Jose, CA
Apr 30-May 1 Pittsburgh, PA
May 7-8 Vancouver, BC
May 14-15 Rapid City, SD
May 22-23 Denver, CO
Jun 4-5 Natick, MA


May 21-23 Chicago, IL
May 28-31 Ottawa, CAN
Jun 11-14 PA
Jun 18-20 San Marcos, TX
Jun 25-27 Seattle, WA
Jun 25-27 Wash, DC

Contact: 1-800-647-1900