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Lab Manager May 2024 Cover

Cover Story |  Volume 21 - Issue 4  |  May 2024

Future-Proof Lab Design

Key elements to crafting a long-term vision of your lab space


Product Focus

Robotic arm in a laboratory

Securing Success in Your Automated Lab

Anticipating risks, failures, and scaling needs to realize the full value of lab automation

Vials in a sample holder of a gas chromatograph

The Importance of Calibration and Quality Control in Gas Chromatography

The importance of calibration and quality control in gas chromatography

Ask the Expert

Digital illustration of a human heart made up of connected nodes, implying medical technology

Advances in Biomaterials: Engineering the Future of Healthcare

Innovations in biomaterials enable better medical treatments and personalized healthcare solutions


Concept art of a full battery against a computer circuit board

The Latest Advancements in Battery Technology and Recycling

Addressing the challenges of lithium-ion batteries and exploring new alternative options

Lab Design and Furnishings

Orange emergency eyewash station in a laboratory

Accident Prevention through Lab Design

How successful lab design can influence long-term lab safety

Aerial view of the Ralph S. O'Connor Engineering and Science Building

Preserving a Legacy While Preserving Progress

Ralph S. O’Connor Engineering and Science Building wins Excellence in Whole Building/Holistic Design in 2024 Design Excellence Awards

An image of a lab, half in sketch and half a photograph

Future-Proof Lab Design

Key elements to crafting a long-term vision of your lab space

Business Management

Exterior photo of a glass-walled office

What Are the Key Factors to Ensure a Successful Lab Relocation?

A collection of insight from five industry experts

Scientists discuss a lab renovation

Is it Time for a Lab Renovation?

There are a variety of reasons why a renovation may be needed, but the scale of renovation can vary significantly based on these factors

Leadership and Staffing

Engineers work on configuring a robot in a laboratory

Effective Teamwork Drives Successful Lab Design Projects

Ensure the project team contains all of the needed skills, knowledge, and experience

Asset Management

Asian scientist uses a microscope

Prioritizing Sustainability into Daily Decisions

Simple steps to keep sustainability at the forefront of your lab