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Maintenance Matters

Maintenance Matters: CO2 Incubators

by Rachel Muenz
CO2 incubators are the heart of cell-based work in many labs. When they stop, work in the lab stops. Yet, these units are often ignored—until disaster strikes.

Maintenance Matters: Mills & Grinders

by Rachel Muenz
Using mills and grinders can be a messy business, which is why cleaning and inspecting units’ parts is so important to keeping this lab equipment in top shape.

Maintenance Matters: Lab Washers

by Rachel Muenz
For something so instrumental to keeping glassware clean, it only makes sense that maintaining the cleanliness of your lab washer is one of the keys to keeping it running properly.

Maintenance Matters: Centrifuges

by Rachel Muenz
“It’s extremely important that the user keeps an eye on the status of the rotor, maintains it properly, cleans it, and prevents aggressive chemicals from getting in,” product manager says

Maintenance Matters: Baths & Chillers

by Rachel Muenz
Because baths and chillers are such a basic piece of laboratory equipment, it’s easy to put them in a corner and forget about them. But, as with other instruments, maintaining your bath or chiller is extremely important.