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Micropipette System for Filling 1.7mm Capillaries

Avoid cross-contamination from syringe to sample

by New Era Enterprises
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The Micro Pipet System for Filling 1.7mm Capillaries utilizes a special Teflon adapter that screws onto the base of a removable needle syringe and accommodates a special glass needle. The 8" long needle fits easily into the capillary aided by a special Needle Guide. The sample is held in the needle by displacement and avoids wetting the syringe. A Repeating Adapter assures not overdrawing the sample.

  • Works with 1.7mm capped or plain 100mm long capillaries
  • Get consistent loading without syringe contamination
  • Eliminate dilution effect due to rinse solvent in syringe which gives rise to a systemic increase in the measured compound concentration
  • Improves accuracy of compound concentration
  • Achieve good sample recovery-approximately 90%
  • Avoid sample from entering syringe by using a 
  • Repeating Adapter
  • Tests show reproducible dispensing within +/- 0.05%
  • Much easier than using a standard syringe alone