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Millipore and CXR Biosciences Launch New CYP450 Antibody Panel

Millipore Corporation and its UK-based partner, CXR Biosciences, announced the launch of a new panel of human and rodent cytochrome P450 (CYP450) antibodies, for use in drug discovery programs.

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Billerica, Massachusetts and Dundee, UK—July 15, 2008—Millipore Corporation and its UK-based partner, CXR Biosciences, today announced the launch of a new panel of human and rodent cytochrome P450 (CYP450) antibodies, for use in drug discovery programs. CXR Biosciences developed the antibodies exclusively for Millipore as a part of a portfolio of innovative discovery toxicology products. CXR will also use these new reagents in its own research services business.  

CYP450 plays an essential role in drug metabolism in the liver. Understanding drug metabolism is critical in designing more sensitive, and ultimately more predictive, assays for estimating possible liver toxicity. These new antibodies bind to most human isoforms of CYP450, as well as rat and mouse isoforms. The CYP450 antibodies will be used to develop novel assays for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and industrial sectors in order to bring new products to market. This joint offering from Millipore and CXR Biosciences represents the most comprehensive panel of CYP450 antibodies available for the drug discovery process.
“We are excited about our collaboration with CXR to develop and market these antibodies,” said Dr. Stella Redpath, group product manager at Millipore Corporation. “They represent a valuable new addition to Millipore’s portfolio of in vitro toxicology and drug discovery products.”
“We are delighted to work with Millipore in making these antibodies available to companies in drug and product development,” said Dr. Tom Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, CXR Biosciences Ltd. “In developing improved assays for toxicity assessment that can be used alongside more traditional drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and ADMET assays, the chances of obtaining unexpected adverse toxic effects are much reduced.”
Millipore has evolved from a high performance filtration products and services company into a leading provider of tools and services and a key partner of choice for Life Science customers. We’ve transformed ourselves through R&D investment, organic growth, and acquisitions such as Chemicon, Upstate, Linco, Celliance, Newport Bio Systems, NovAseptic AB and MicroSafe. The integrated Millipore offers more innovative technologies and stronger application support to streamline processes and provide consistently reliable results. The products and services of our Drug Discovery business unit allow us to work closely with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help discover, evaluate, and develop potential drug candidates.
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About CXR Biosciences:
CXR Biosciences Ltd. is advancing and commercializing innovative approaches to transform the drug development and chemical safety assessment process. As well as introducing new technology platforms to the marketplace, CXR also helps customers to take their candidate compounds through development efficiently, or to resolve problems that have been encountered, through the provision of customized solutions. The company has business relationships with over sixty customers and collaborators, including pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, biotechnology companies, leading universities and research institutions. CXR Biosciences Ltd. is located in Dundee, Scotland. More information can be found at