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Mining, Metals, and Geology Resource Guide

Mining, Metals, and Geology Resource Guide

Take your trace element analysis to the next level

by Analytik Jena US

The analysis of main and trace element concentrations is essential for the characterization of geological features, mining, and smelting and hydrometallurgical processes. Analytik Jena AAS, ICP-OES, and ICP-MS solutions simplify the analysis process for these and other applications, while simultaneously increasing analytical performance.

 In this eBook you will learn:

  • Trace element analysis in geology and mining using HR-CS AAS, ICP-OES, and ICP-MS
  • The potentials and limitations of analyzing rare earth elements with ICP-OES and ICP-MS
  • How to determine trace elements in copper using ICP-MS
  • High-alloyed steel analysis with HR ICP-OES
  • Speciation analysis with ICP-MS
  • Trace metal analysis with ICP-MS