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MOBILE-IR II FT-IR Spectrometer—Don't Sacrifice Performance or Spectral Quality for Mobility and Reliability

Now, with a mobile FT-IR spectrometer, you can have true laboratory performance anywhere you go. Even on the road, you never have to sacrifice performance or compromise on reliability and quality

by Bruker Corporation

Take your lab anywhere and get instant identification of unknown chemicals with lab-grade results. You decide how to connect to the MOBILE-IR II and access its data in the field. Wirelessly or with a cable, the device provides any connection mode you need.

A robust spectrometer needs a robust PC. The included ruggedized tablet comes with IP65 protection. With a touch tablet PC, measurements can be analyzed in a standing, sitting, or squatting position without the challenges of using a laptop.

MOBILE-IR II features our famous and reliable RockSolid™ cube corner interferometer. It has remained the benchmark for FT-IR measurements with the utmost reliability for over a decade. Even when faced with difficult work environments, it maintains stability and delivers pure lab performance.

The rugged MOBILE-IR II already withstands harsh environments, but its IP67 carry-case makes it even more robust, protecting it from waterjet streams and dust. The included trolley offers the necessary space for your spectrometer, its accessories, and the IP65-protected tablet PC. Now you can safely transport your FT-IR lab anywhere.

Get more spectral power for your applications with a thermoelectrically cooled MCT detector. This faster-responding detector halves your measurement time and doubles the signal-to-noise ratio compared to a DTGS detector. Another advantage is increased spectral stability, which can negate external influencing factors in a warehouse or at a construction site.

The MOBILE-IR II offers a heatable ATR crystal with a sample trough to rapidly evaporate liquids or perform temperature experiments. If required, a non-heatable and flat ATR crystal plate is also available to easily accommodate large flat samples.

Your FTIR is going places—take your lab anywhere you need to go. To learn more, visit

Image of the Bruker mobile-IR II

Wirelessly or with a cable, the Bruker MOBILE-IR II FT-IR spectrometer provides any connection mode you need.

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