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Out Here in the Field

by Rachel Muenz
Looking at the latest portable offerings in soil and water testing, plant health and identification, sample management, and testing of raw materials, components, and finished products.

Fieldworthy Instrumentation

by Mike May, PhD
A forensics investigator dusts a crime scene for fingerprints. When she finds one, she reaches to her holster, pulls out a handheld device, and aims it at the fingerprint. The device captures the image and also the chemical composition. That chemical analysis reveals that the person who left the print had touched ephedrine—an illegal drug, which is a stimulant that goes by many street names, including meow. With this information, the investigators can use biometrics—the fingerprint— to identify the person and the chemical analysis to start piecing together the crime.

The Power of Portability

by Rachel Muenz
Over the past year, the trends in portable instrumentation that we first explored in July 2010 have continued to progress, with devices getting smaller, faster, and more powerful as demand for portability remains high.