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N-EVAP Nitrogen Evaporators

Organomation's N-EVAP nitrogen evaporators are extremely well suited for numerous sample preparation methodologies

by Organomation
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24 Position N-EVAP - Water Bath cat#11250Organomation's N-EVAP nitrogen evaporators are extremely well suited for numerous sample preparation methodologies. We have created a diverse product line with instruments ranging from six to forty-five sample positions. Our nitrogen evaporators utilize adjustable nitrogen blow down technology allowing for full control of nitrogen flow to samples, with no wasted nitrogen gas. We combine this technology with uniform heat applied efficiently through either water or dry baths. This technique saves labs money by simultaneously maximizing solvent evaporation volume and rate.

Unlike other nitrogen evaporator product lines, the N-EVAPs are designed to provide maximum flexibility and individualization. Each standard N-EVAP model is able to concentrate a range of test tube sizes without the need for custom sample blocks and inserts. The N-EVAP's unique sample holder allows sample vials of different sizes to be conveniently loaded from the front of the instrument without any additional hardware.

Available in 6, 12, 24, 34, and 45 position models, as well as an automated model, the N-EVAP is able to process samples of different sizes at the same time which evaporators designed for batch processing simply cannot do.

Download: Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporators—Addressing Your Lab's Specific Needs

Since 1959, Organomation has been a leading provider of analytical chemistry sample preparation solutions. The company has provided quality hand-built equipment and unparalleled levels of customer service since their inception. The foundation of the company stems from the first ever commercially successful nitrogen evaporator invented by Organomation's founder, Dr. Neal McNiven.