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New Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk - Vacuum Extraction with Rugged Versatility

Unit provides a versatile and flexible system for vacuum extraction in a busy laboratory

by Biotage
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UPPSALA, Sweden, June 28, 2019 / B3C newswire / -- Biotage AB (Biotage), (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: BIOT.ST) is pleased to announce the launch of the Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk, a vacuum extraction unit for performing manual, disk-based extractions of semi-volatile organic compounds and hexane-extractable materials (HEMs) from aqueous matrices.

Biotage® VacMaster™ DiskBiotage® VacMaster™ Disk.Credit: BiotageBiotage® VacMaster™ Disk extraction unit is a single port vacuum manifold that applies vacuum to the outlet of a solid phase extraction disk to assist in the extraction of aqueous or viscous samples. The easy-to-use unit accommodates both 47 mm and 90 mm disks, as well as a variety of pre-filters to meet the challenges of any sample matrix, regardless of the particulate level. Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk is fully compatible with Biotage's recently launched Atlantic® ReadyDisks, as well as its classic Atlantic® Disks, and with all disk holders that utilize luer fittings.

Designed for high productivity laboratories, the unit is an excellent first step for those customers interested in moving from liquid-liquid extractions to solid phase extractions for sample preparation for environmental, food and beverage, and agriculture applications. Up to eight units can be linked to the same vacuum source to increase sample throughput; and can be operated within a laboratory fume hood or on a bench top with the vacuum pump’s exhaust port connected to a ventilation system. Each Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk is manufactured in an ISO certified environment (ISO 9001:2015) and constructed from solvent-resistant materials to improve durability in harsh environments.

“Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk is a versatile and flexible system for vacuum extraction in a busy laboratory requiring a reliable and rugged workhorse,” says Dan Menasco, global technical product manager, analytical, Biotage.