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New Gemini Universal Electroporation System

The instruments offer the same great performance and functionality as previous versions

by BTX
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geminiThe Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators are flexible systems allowing universal transfection of all sample types in a single unit. BTX has improved these products by adding additional pre-set experimental protocols to support the latest application areas such as CRISPR gene editing, enhancing multiple electroporation pulse features, adding a larger 7” color touchscreen, and refreshing the software interface. Customers will find that in addition to these updates, new Gemini instruments offer the same great performance and functionality as previous versions of the well known Gemini, ECM 830, and ECM 630 legacy instruments.

Gemini systems offer both square waveform settings for optimal transfection of mammalian cells and tissues and exponential decay waveform settings for optimal transfection of microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast. The Gemini SC can efficiently electroporate all types of cells in vitro, suspended in electroporation cuvettes. In addition to cuvette-based electroporation, the Gemini X2 is also compatible with the wide range of BTX specialty electrode offerings for high throughput, large volume, adherent, in vivo, in ovo, and ex-vivo tissue transfections.

Applications of Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators include:

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  • High-throughput electroporation (up to 96 samples at a time)
  • Scalable electroporation for samples 20 µl to 10 ml
  • Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic electroporation
  • CRISPR gene editing
  • Gene, siRNA, mRNA, protein, small molecule, and nanoparticle delivery
  • Suspension and adherent cell transfection
  • In vivo, in ovo, and in utero transfection

Visit the Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators product page on the BTX website for detailed product descriptions, instrument specifications, and additional resources.

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