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New Masterflex® Flow Controller Automatically Adjusts Pump Speed as Tubing Ages

Controller is ideal for use in a lab or process in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and life sciences research

by Cole-Parmer
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VERNON HILLS, IL—No longer is it necessary to manually adjust Masterflex® pump flow rates as the pump tubing wears. The new Masterflex Flow Controller receives input from a flow sensor and then responds by adjusting the speed of a Masterflex pump to maintain a set flow rate or dispense volume. Using proprietary technology, the Masterflex flow controller measures, controls, and logs fluid path information. The controller is designed for the 33501-series Masterflex ultrasonic flow sensors and works with all types of Masterflex pumps. This is ideal for use in a lab or process in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and life sciences research.

Cole-Parmer's new Masterflex flow controller. 

The lightweight compact controller is easy to use. Using the large, LED color touchscreen, users simply select the size of the ultrasonic flow sensor connected to the controller, then choose either continuous flow or volume dispense mode. In continuous flow mode, the controller will vary the output to the pump to automatically maintain the desired flow rate set point. In volume dispense mode, the controller will run the pump at a selected flow rate until a selected volume set point has been pumped, then the flow controller will stop the pump operation. Repeat dispensing can be triggered through a foot switch or tapping the start icon.

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