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New Second Generation Solvent Evaporators from Biotage

The new TurboVap® LV, II and EH systems incorporate many new customer driven features

by Biotage
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TurboVap® LV, II and EH systems Uppsala, Sweden, June 29, 2017 / B3C newswire / -- Biotage (STO: BIOT), a leading global supplier of solutions and technology for analytical, medicinal, and peptide chemistry, is pleased to announce the launch of three new TurboVap® evaporation systems—second generation systems, which build upon the solid foundations of the historic TurboVap® product line.

The new TurboVap® LV, II and EH systems incorporate many new customer driven features and enable end users to switch quickly between the functionality they are presently accustomed to in the classic instruments. Each system has enhanced visibility, a compact design, removable/adjustable nozzles, exchangeable manifolds, evaporation flow gradients, and a touch screen interface.

The TurboVap® EH system is seamlessly integrated with the Biotage® Extrahera™ and is aesthetically very similar, with similar internal lighting, glass sides and a glass lid, greatly improving sample visibility. In parallel, Biotage are introducing a series of Multi-Racks that offer greater flexibility in the variety of different tube and vial sizes that can be processed. Each system of course still has the highly efficient patented gas vortex shearing technology, which is synonymous with the TurboVap® brand.

“Our new TurboVap® enhanced evaporation systems, are built on the reliability and performance associated with the TurboVap name. The new systems will increase laboratory efficiency, improve the cost of analysis and enable improved user control of the evaporation process” said Mr. Paul Roberts, global product manager, analytical consumables and systems, Biotage.

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