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Novel Biotium Fluorescent Dyes Push Emission Further into Infrared Spectrum

New CF®850 and CF®870 dyes mark the first commercially available fluorescent dyes with emission beyond 850 nm

A graph depicting light wavelengths that are very high

Emission spectra of Biotium’s Near-IR CF® Dyes from CF®700 to CF®870.


News A leading provider of innovative fluorescent solutions for scientists. Biotium is a leading life science reagent manufacturer and supplier devoted to providing high-quality and innovative fluorescent tools that fuel...

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Fremont, CA — Biotium, a leading supplier and inventor of fluorescent probes for life science research, announces the release of infrared CF®850 and CF®870 dyes. These novel long wavelength dyes are the first commercially available fluorescent dyes with emission maxima greater than 850 nm, allowing researchers to further investigate the "final frontier" of infrared wavelengths for life science research applications. Due to their excellent brightness, aqueous solubility, and exceptional infrared properties, CF®850 and CF®870 represent a true breakthrough in synthetic fluorescent probes.

Infrared (IR) and near-infrared (near-IR) probes offer several advantages over probes in the visible light region. Their superior sensitivity, linearity, tissue penetration, and minimal autofluorescence background are beneficial for in vivo imaging, western blotting, and microscopy. In addition, the availability of probes that extend further into IR wavelengths enables greater multiplexing options for flow cytometry. Recently, the benefits of long wavelength fluorescence have spurred the development of flow cytometers and imaging instrumentation equipped with near-IR laser diodes and detection systems. Biotium’s CF®850 and CF®870 dyes aim to accommodate research that takes advantage of these hardware advancements by offering long wavelength emission beyond any commercially available IR probe.

CF®850 and CF®870 are optimally designed for the 808 nm laser but may also be excited by the 785 nm laser. They are currently available as stable amine-reactive TFP (tetrafluorophenyl) esters but will be available soon as labels for commonly used antibodies, bioconjugates, and with Biotium’s easy-to-use Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits.