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November 2014 Technology News

Our two highlighted tradeshows this month include the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Exhibit (MRS) and the American Society for Cell Biology’s annual meeting (2014 ASCB/IFCB). The 2014 MRS Fall Meeting takes place November 30-December 5, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts, featuring over 6,000 presentations. Not long after, the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting–a premier biomedical research conference–runs December 6-10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its Keynote Talks will span the origin of life to the cosmos. Remember that the companies highlighted here in Tech News will be exhibiting, but these specific products may not be at the shows.

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Q-TOF GC/MS System


  • 7200BReplaces the 7200A, with new capabilities that will significantly boost laboratory performance
  • Features improved hardware performance, newly upgraded software features, and exact mass databases
  • Provides improved mass accuracy specification of less than 3 ppm and an extended mass range, optimizing its capabilities for the most challenging problems
  • Includes chemical ionization source and backflush capabilities as standard


Particle Size & Zeta Potential Analyzers

Nicomp N3000

  • Nicomp N3000Measure particle size from 0.3 nm – 10 μm and zeta potential in aqueous and organic solvents
  • New capabilities include expanded size and concentration dynamic ranges
  • Touch panel display allows for easy viewing of count rate
  • Zeta potential is now measured using a proprietary DSP-based phase analysis light scattering module which is more sensitive, stable, and works at higher concentrations

Particle Sizing Systems 

Benchtop Spectrofluorometer

FluoroMax Plus

  • Benchtop SpectrofluorometerExpands on the capabilities of the FluoroMax series with the option of a second detector and two position grating turret, providing an extended range out to 1650 nm, and TCSPC performance down to 25 ps
  • Enables faster measurement of weaker and smaller samples
  • Convenient and easy to use


Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatograph

Nexera-e Comprehensive

  • Two Dimensional Liquid ChromatographOffers a powerful separation method for the most complex sample matrices
  • Combines two independent separation modes orthogonally in combination with a dual-loop/ dual-valve alternate switching system to increase separation efficiency
  • Enables the separation of peaks that are difficult to separate using conventional LC
  • Achieves the highest possible theoretical plates for LC separation


Core-Shell Column Line


  • Core-Shell Column LineNow includes a 5 μm particle size for smallscale purifications
  • Enables higher efficiencies and higher loading capability for small-scale peptide purification in 10 mm ID semi-prep columns and 21.2 mm ID Axia™-packed prep columns
  • Fully scalable over four particle sizes–1.7 μm, 2.6 μm, 3.6 μm, and 5 μm–enabling easy method transfer


Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS


  • TSQ DuoDesigned specifically for labs needing to maintain their current GC or single quadrupole GC-MS workflows while adding triple quadrupole capabilities with minimal disruption
  • Allows users to run their current methods and then easily move over to MS/MS analysis when the time is right for them, on a familiar system using the Chromeleon chromatography data system

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Basic Lab

Mini-Peristaltic Pump

ImprovedModel TPT

  • Mini Peristaltic PumpProvides low cost, reliable service
  • Flow rates are user-selectable from 7 mL/min to 28 mL/ min by selecting from a choice of four different RPM drives (8, 12, 17, or 25) and tubing sizes
  • Simple to load and operate
  • Two plastic slide on/off plastic tubing holders accommodate easy tubing replacements or tubing size changes

Aalborg Instruments 

Thermoelectric Sample Conditioner

TESC System

  • Thermoelectric Sample ConditionerIncorporates a Brookfield® DV2T digital viscometer and thermoelectrically controlled sample chamber
  • Automates the entire conditioning and testing process, including preheating, room temperature stabilization, cooling of the sample to test temperature, and testing the final viscosity of the conditioned sample
  • Lessens the hands-on time needed to prepare and run a D2983 viscosity test and improves test precision

CANNON Instrument Company 

Integrated Vacuum Controller

CVC3000 detect

  • Integrated Vacuum ControllerCombines the CVC3000 vacuum controller and a solenoid valve, to provide advanced two-point control for any standalone diaphragm vacuum pump from VACUUBRAND® or competitive units
  • New “detect” feature allows the CVC3000 to automatically find the first boiling point with a rotary evaporator
  • Allows the preprogramming of up to ten multi-step programs, bi-directional communication via RS232 serial port, and more

BrandTech Scientific 

Rheometer Application Packages

HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ
BOOTH 422 

  • Rheometer Application PackagesInclude a DIN package for liquids with medium viscosities; a yield point determination package for difficult to measure samples, and an educational package for beginners
  • DIN package features a liquid temperature control module and coaxial cylinder geometry accessory
  • Yield point determination package includes a universal container holder and vane rotor
  • Educational package includes a Peltier temperature control module, coaxial cylinders and parallel plates geometry accessories, and RheoWin™ software

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Temperature Controller

Meros TCU-100

  • Temperature ControllerOffers advanced temperature control from 1 to 100°C for microfluidic chips, microscope slides and other third party devices
  • Chemically resistant, robust, reliable, and only 11cm (4 ¼ inches) wide
  • Enables cooling, heating and thermocycling with an accuracy of 0.5°C, stability and target temperature resolution of 0.1°C, and rapid ramp rates up to 1°C/s


Industrial Variable Speed Metering Pump


  • Industrial Metering PumpSuited for viscous fluids
  • Features a rugged 1/4 HP variable speed drive motor and available with sanitary quick-disconnect fittings
  • Speed is controlled via a DIN mountable controller for both manual and electronic speed control
  • Valveless function is accomplished by the synchronous rotation and reciprocation of the ceramic piston within a precisely mated ceramic liner

Fluid Metering 

Movable MS Bench

  • Movable MS BenchFeatures solidly-built lockable casters
  • Provides noise reduction performance of - 15 db(A) (75% reduction in noise perception)
  • Can house either one or two vacuum pumps
  • Allows easy access to the rear of the instruments
  • Noise reduction cabinet integrates an audible & visual (red LED) overheating temperature alarm (on battery backup) for an increased vacuum pump lifetime


Analog Hotplate Stirrer


  • Analog Hotplate StirrerFull range of products offers heat, stir, and a heat/ stir combination model, making them suited for the science and education or research markets
  • The 7”x7” ceramic coated hot plate has a maximum temperature surface rating of 380°C, with stirring speeds that can be precisely controlled between 100- 1500rpm with a maximum capacity of 5 liters
  • Features a large control panel

Labnet International 

Gas Sorption Analyzers

Autosorb iQ3

  • Gas Sorption AnalyzersGives users the choice to use up to 3 physisorption analysis stations
  • Provides up to 200% higher capacity and throughput for larger, busy material characterization labs
  • Features up to four on-board degassing ports providing cold-trap, PCcontrolled ramp, hold and test protocols
  • Three samples can be analyzed simultaneously while the degas ports are used for sample preparation


N2 Gas Bubblers

  • Gas BubblersEnable chemists to visibly confirm that their reaction system is being flushed with an inert gas such as nitrogen
  • Provide a one-way valve through which nitrogen, evolved gases or solvent vapors from the inlet will bubble through the fluid before being vented to the atmosphere
  • Affordably priced


Laboratory Gas Burners

Fuego SCS Series

  • Lab Gas BurnersOffers more convenience through the new graphic display and comfort functions
  • The animated, self-explanatory and wordless symbol display facilitates a rapid and easy selection of all functions
  • Streamlined design reduces air flow disturbances in laminar flow hoods
  • Safety Control System SCS demonstrates state-of-the-art safety technology which constantly analyzes potential hazards and, if necessary, initiates safety measures


Cell Culture

Aspiration Controller for Cell Culture


  • Aspiration ControllerErgonomic design accommodates several different hand positions for comfortable fluid aspiration using Pasteur pipettes or pipette tips
  • All aspirated liquid is contained in the tubing for easy decontamination and minimizing air leakage
  • Optional 8-channel manifold with tip ejector is available
  • Supplied with the VACUUBRAND® BVC line of fluid aspiration systems and can easily be fitted to aspiration systems from major manufacturers


Automated Cell Culture System

CompacT SelecT

  • Cell Culture SystemAllows researchers to set up their cell culture seeding, feeding, expansion, plating and maintenance protocols to automatically produce consistent quality cells for extended periods of time
  • Includes a unique SelFeeder liquid handling unit that allows scheduled feeds and media changes and also has a gentle liquid addition and removal action
  • Helps reduce damage to cell layers

TAP Biosystems 

Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

Dicer siRNA Generation Kit

  • Dicer siRNA Generation KitMimics the natural RNA interference process by using recombinant human dicer enzyme, a double-stranded RNA-specific endonuclease, to cleave in vitro transcribed dsRNA templates into a pool of 22 bp siRNAs
  • Allows easy and cost-effective generation of a large number of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) from full-length target genes
  • Contains everything required for preparing double stranded RNA, RNA cleavage, siRNA cleanup and transfection


Gamma H2AX Pharmacodynamic Assay Kit

  • Pharmacodynamic Assay KitDesigned for the study of double strand DNA breaks through the detection of gamma H2AX
  • Developed for anti-cancer drug screening, basic research and upcoming clinical trials providing one of many needed tools to support hypothesis-driven drug design strategies
  • Documents differences in gamma H2AX levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, cultured cells, and tissue biopsies


Multiplexing Reagent System


  • Mulitplexing Reagent SystemDesigned to extract more information from each assay by simultaneously quantifying multiple analytes in a single well
  • Utilize PerkinElmer’s AlphaLISA® technology to quantify multiple analytes in a single well
  • Can reduce total assay time from one or two days to as little as two hours



Operating Software for HR-CS AAS Instruments

ASpect CS V 2.0

  • ASpect CS V2.0Designed for the contra® series of instruments
  • Main new features include simultaneous multielement analysis of any number of analytical wavelengths within the spectrum window
  • Integration ranges for each line can be selected freely, for increased sensitivity
  • A new background correction method and an improved spectral correction of interferences allow simple and automatic correction of complex structured spectral background and overlapping matrix lines

Analytik Jena 

Laboratory Information Management System

Matrix Gemini

  • Matrix GeminiSupplied complete with three separate databases
  • Since each database can have its own independent design, this arrangement means that widely varying requirements can be accommodated on the same system
  • Matrix Gemini is an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant system which will operate with a number and mixture of commercial databases to suit either corporate standards or user preferences


Protein Analysis Software

OmniSEC 5.1

  • Protein Analysis SoftwareMakes it easy to integrate any of the Viscotek SEC detectors with Waters Empower® -driven SEC systems, for powerful, efficient protein characterization
  • Features the ability to directly interrogate analytical sequences within the Waters Empower® software
  • Eliminates the need to input sequences in duplicate, making an integrated system easier to use, quicker to set-up and less prone to errors


Lab Automation

NGS Workstation

Freedom EVO®

  • NGS WorkstationSimplifies next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation and PCR set-up
  • Offering user-friendly, walkaway automation of library preparation at the touch of a button, it eliminates the need for extensive manual processing
  • Designed to offer robust and reliable automation–including library preparation, quantification, qPCR set-up, normalization, pooling and capture–even for inexperienced users


Life Science

Cardio System

xCELLigence RTCA CardioECR

  • Cardio SystemCombines impedance and multi electrode array (MEA) technology with a pacing function
  • The first platform to allow simultaneous cardiomyocyte contractility and field potential measurement
  • Designed to be placed in a standard tissue culture incubator with physiological temperature, CO2 level and humidity, allowing better controlled assays with both shortterm and long-term measurements in real-time

ACEA Biosciences 

Modular Real-Time PCR System


  • Real-Time PCR SystemCan multiplex up to six channels and deliver higher optical resolution for crisp and clear data capture in each channel
  • Features rapid cycle time and ultra-fast brilliant qPCR reagents that enable rapid, comprehensive workflow
  • An onboard diagnostic system provides two modes: a quick pre-test, which covers over 60 performance attributes, and a comprehensive 30-minute test, which covers more than 120 attributes


Solution for In-Vitro CRISPR/Cas9 Research


  • Complete workflow includes a SureGuide Cas9 nuclease kit, SureGuide gRNA synthesis kit and SureGuide gRNA control kit, all designed to work together for any lab interested in quickly enabling next-generation genome engineering
  • Series of tools will enable in-vitro cloning of large genes or complex DNA mixtures without the limitations imposed by common restriction enzymes or PCR fidelity


Chemiluminescent Imaging System

ChemiDoc Touch

  • Chemiluminescent Imaging SystemSurpasses the performance of film in terms of quantitation and sensitivity
  • Improves the user performance of other digital imagers with more intuitive and efficient image capture, review and export
  • Allows detection of faint bands missed by film and produces publication-quality images
  • Wide dynamic range permits easy and reliable quantification even of highly abundant proteins


Atmospheric Control Unit

  • Atmospheric Control UnitDesigned for the CLARIOstar® microplate reader
  • Fully regulates and independently controls both O2 and CO2 within the microplate reader chamber
  • Provides the optimal environment for any live cell assay
  • Makes it unnecessary to change gas cylinders or piped gas supplies to reproduce the specific physiological conditions needed for cell-based assays


Product Spotlight

Vanquishing Variability

Product Spotlight ImageNew system standardizes Western Blotting for more consistent analysis

Booth 525

Last month, GE Healthcare Life Sciences launched its new Amersham WB system, a fully integrated system for quantitative SDS-PAGE and Western blotting of proteins using fluorescence detection. The system aims to reduce the variability seen with conventional Western blotting by standardizing and monitoring each stage of the Western blotting process, including electrophoresis, transfer, probing, and scanning. That means more consistent, quantitative protein analysis.

“The value of the insights provided by Western blotting has kept it relevant for more than 30 years, but its shortcomings are well-recognized,” said Eric Roman, general manager of research and applied markets at GE Healthcare Life Sciences. “Building on GE’s heritage and expertise in protein analysis, what we have developed is a system that is set to shift how scientists see and use Western blotting from now on, with a clear focus on reliability and quantification of results, regardless of user.”

Western blotting requires a complex combination of analytical knowledge, extensive manual handling, dexterity and strict adherence to protocols in order to achieve reliable results. According to GE, failure rates, however, can be as high as 25 percent and data variations between different users can be as high as 35-40 percent. The Amersham WB’s standardized Western blotting workflow typically achieves a variability of less than 10 percent between users.

“The publication landscape has changed dramatically over the past year, and the need for quantified blots and data is of significant importance for peer-reviewed journals,” said Martin Teichert, a research scientist at DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center) in Heidelberg, Germany. “I think that the Amersham WB system fits perfectly into this niche, and solves this problem of having quantifiable data that can be relied upon. It has arrived at just the right time.”

For more information, visit 

Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator

miVac Quattro

  • Vacuum ConcentratorRapidly removes a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic solvents through to DMF, including water
  • Especially suited for concentrating precious samples in applications including oligonucleotide synthesis, RNA/DNA preparation, peptide preparation, sequencing, molecular biology and ADME / toxicology research
  • Capable of removing water and organic solvents from biological samples in a range of formats including tubes, microplates, and vials


Transcriptome Solution

Ion AmpliSeq
BOOTH 201 AND 219

  • Transcriptome SolutionProvides access to a wealth of valuable RNA data
  • Draws gene expression profiles from just 10ng of RNA sets
  • Compatible with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples
  • Provides a faster and more cost-effective workflow without the sample manipulation required for microarrays or analytical complexity normally associated with whole transcriptome RNA-sequencing

Life Technologies 

Collagenase/Neutral Protease Blends


  • Collagenase/Neutral Protease BlendsAvailable for primary and stem cell isolation, regenerative medicine, biopharmaceutical and cell bioprocessing applications
  • Animal origin free (AOF)
  • New, specialized combinations of AOF Clostridium histolyticum collagenase and AOF Bacillus polymyxa neutral protease (Dispase®) offer a minimum of 250 CLS units and 1,000 or 2,000 caseinase units per mg dry weight, respectively

Worthington Biochemical 

Scanning Electron Microscope

Teneo VS™

  • Scanning Electron MicroscopeIntegrates FEI’s latest-generation SEM with VolumeScope, an in-chamber microtome and proprietary analytical software to provide fully-automated, large-volume reconstructions with dramatically improved z-axis resolution
  • Ensures fast, easy analysis, while the combination of ThruSight™ and MAPS™ software delivers unprecedented resolution over large sample volumes
  • Switching between volume imaging and normal SEM operation is fast and easy


Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Units


  • Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis UnitsEach unit provides an easy to use, versatile and flexible system that can evolve and adapt with the changing needs of today’s laboratory researcher
  • All five units in the MultiSUB range deliver a combination of economy of gel and buffer volume, with gel size and sample number versatility
  • Gel size and sample number requirements can be exactly matched in each unit, with the option of additional gel tray sizes

Cleaver Scientific 

Supplies & Consumables

Custom Specified Laboratory Apparatus

  • Custom Specified Lab ApparatusExactly meet the demands of the user’s application or project
  • Company also offers a totally bespoke solution for pressure reactors ranging from just a few millilitres to 50 litres capacity and different construction materials for corrosive and caustic materials
  • Custom versions of DrySyn range of heating and cooling blocks, glassware, and PTFE components and apparatus also available


Pipette Tips


  • Pipette TipsInclude sterile, non-sterile, filtered and ultra-low retention tips
  • Feature a new, environmentally-friendly box and insert system with lids that can hinge or lift off
  • Manufactured in BRAND’s new state-of-the art clean room and packaged DNA-, RNase-, ATP- and endotoxin-free
  • Fit pipettes from all major manufacturers




  • MicroplatesFor the cultivation of non-adherent cell lines, spheroids, and stem cells in a 96- well plate format
  • Treated with a proprietary hydrogel that creates a hydrophobic interface between the surface of the plastic and cellular material to inhibit cell and protein attachment
  • Microplate surface successfully suppresses the adhesion of a wide variety of adherent cell lines, and more

BrandTech Scientific

Solid Phase Extraction Microplate Development


  • Solid Phase Extraction MicroplateOffers scientists a choice of up to 12 different phases and sorbent loadings (10 -100mg) in a standard format 96-well plate
  • Allows users to simply and rapidly screen for the optimal retention and selectivity required to achieve their sample preparation objectives
  • Delivers considerable savings in valuable laboratory time
  • Constructed from a single piece of molded high quality polypropylene

Porvair Sciences