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OHAUS® Introduces Newly Redesigned Navigator™ Series Portable Balances

Rugged, multi-purpose balances ideal for a range of weighing applications

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OHAUS Corporation, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of highly accurate and reliable weighing and measurement products, laboratory equipment, and analytical instruments has announced the launch of their newly redesigned Navigator Portable Balances.

Bringing accuracy and repeatability to any application

The new Navigator series portable balances are designed for a wide-range of essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial, and education settings. Combining rugged construction with multifunctionality, the Navigator offers accuracy, speed and repeatability in a powerful, yet affordable balance.

Improved productivity with fast stabilization time

The Navigator is designed to accurately stabilize in less than one second to provide quick and reliable results, improving operator efficiency and productivity throughout the weighing process.

Overload protection safeguards the balance and increases durability

The balance’s overload protection system (mechanical and software) is made to withstand loads up to four times the rated capacity of the unit. In addition, an integrated shipping lock protects the weighing cell from damage during transportation or storage.

"The Navigator balance fits in a wide variety of applications. Its useful features such as stackability, ultra-fast stabilization time, portability or battery operation combined with a broad selection of capacities and readabilities make it a perfect choice, whether it is for education or industrial use " says Szymon Holubowicz, senior market manager at OHAUS.

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