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PHCBi's LabAlert System

Protecting your life’s work with a proper monitoring system has become increasingly important in research. A study conducted by Stanford University revealed that more than $2 billion worth of samples were stored within their freezers. Furthermore, many biorepositories and biobanks have hundreds of freezers storing priceless samples. 

by PHC Corporation of North America

PHCBi's LabAlert System

With the rise in the use of mobile technology, it has become even easier to watch over your lab whenever you are away from it. Panasonic’s LabAlert system is at the forefront of advanced laboratory monitoring systems, offering an easy setup, affordable pricing, infinite scalability, and an intuitive user interface. It allows you to instantly monitor sensitive parameters, such as your freezer’s temperature or your incubator’s CO2 levels.

Setup is quick and simple. A small battery-operated, wireless sensor is attached to every unit you want to monitor. These probes communicate through receivers which relay data through a single receiver connected to your internet, either via Ethernet or WiFi connection. Your account data is then transmitted continuously to a secure hosted platform. No software or computer is required to set up or run the app-based system. A locally-hosted, software-based solution is also available.

There are many lab monitoring solutions, but what makes LabAlert unique are the several advantages it brings over its competitors. LabAlert features customizable alerts, local and remote platforms, secure data storage, and visibility from any location.

With customizable alerts, find out exactly when something goes wrong with real-time notifications sent right to your phone, laptop or tablet. Alerts are easily customizable to meet the demands of your lab. Adjust alert triggers based on specific temperature ranges, humidity levels, CO2 concentrations and more. Alert recipients and delivery methods can be adjusted as well. Customizations are done within the user interface and can be adjusted at any time.

LabAlert’s flexibility also allows for infinite scalability. Acquire a setup package of any size and add additional sensors to your setup at any time depending on your needs. Furthermore, keep watch over units from multiple locations at once. LabAlert can be easily configured in different locations to synchronize together under one account, so you’re able to easily monitor all your equipment together. Whether you need to cover multiple floors, buildings, or states, LabAlert has you covered.

In addition, all remotely hosted data is securely transmitted and stored at all times, using encrypted communications. The servers are continuously archived and backed up to alternate remote locations, so your data is secured and protected at all times. LabAlert also lets you collect all FDA required data in a simple 21 CFR Part 11 package, allowing you to cut down on cumbersome manual data recording processes, and neatly store your data so that it’s accessible at any time.

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