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PEAK Scientific launches new Green initiative

Peak Scientific Launches New Green Initiative

PEAK Scientific has partnered with eForests  to fulfil its commitment to plant one tree for every PEAK gas generator sold from April 1, 2021

by Peak Scientific
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PEAK Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for laboratories, today (Apr. 22) unveiled its latest green initiative.

PEAK Scientific has partnered with eForests, a not-for-profit organization who are creating and restoring woodlands throughout the UK, to fulfil its commitment to plant one tree for every PEAK gas generator sold from April 1, 2021. The initiative is part of their continued efforts toward a more sustainable future which will complement their gas generators which already offer a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option to workplaces around the world.

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PEAK is aware of the impact that lab equipment can have on the environment and this has influenced their new initiative. Announcing the green initiative, PEAK Scientific CEO, Jonathan Golby said:

“At PEAK, we recognize that we have a responsibility for our environmental impact and we are always taking positive steps to address this through our business operations. Our new green initiative helps to create a more sustainable, and environmentally-friendly, future for labs across the globe who use PEAK products and for our operations here at PEAK. We are always looking at new ways we can reduce our impact on the environment through our business operations and for our customers.”

While reforestation is at the forefront of the new initiative, PEAK gas generators are able to have a continued influence on the environmental impact of laboratories through their day-to-day running. By using a PEAK gas generator, which produces nitrogen from air and hydrogen from de-ionized water, labs can negate the need for recurring deliveries of pressurized cylinders or dewars which can actively reduce a laboratory’s carbon footprint. Alongside this, a PEAK gas generator offers a more sustainable option to the lab by delivering gas on-demand, therefore reducing waste.

To see the direct result of their purchase, PEAK gas generator users can visit to view their tree certificate which is unique to their generator’s serial number providing information about the type of tree planted and where it was planted.