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PEC Expands Precision Measuring Tools to Include Weighing Scales

By adding weighing scales to its well-respected and established brand, PEC is looking to increase current customer loyalty

by PEC
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By continuing to concentrate on the range of precision measuring tools that Products Engineering Corporation (PEC) already manufactures and sells in the marketplace, the company is confident that it has the expertise to be successful expanding their product line to include weighing scales. 
PEC’s weighing scales come in many types for an equally large number of applications. They are available in different sizes, shapes, weighing capabilities, and specifications to suit various businesses and industries.  The following are the types of weighing scales that can be purchased:  

• Scientific/Laboratory Weighing Scales: designed to weigh in increments of as small as 0.001 grams. Include platform scales, hanging scales, bench scales, as well as portable or pocket scales. Used to measure the weight and mass of many different kinds of solids, chemicals, liquids, or powders. Utilized in pharmacology, foods, and liquids for restaurants, kitchens, parcel weighing, and for other counting and measuring purposes. 

• Commercial Weighing Scales: Include jewelry scales, counting scales, restaurant scales, bench scales, platform scales, and floor scales. Jewelry scales are used to weigh precious metals, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. Counting scales are used to measure quantity of items when the weight of a single unit is known and are often utilized to count money quickly and with precision. Platform scales, floor scales, and bench scales are used for a variety of purposes depending on the company and industry.

• Industrial Weighing Scales:  Fill a variety of purposes across myriad industries such as agriculture, laboratory, truck scales, pallet scales, bench scales, and platform scales. Truck scales are large-sized scales designed to weigh semi trucks and their contents.  Bench scales, platform scales, and laboratory scales are used in industries to measure weights as small as several grams, to as large as several tons.  Bench scales are used for portion control, parcel weighing, parts counting, as well as a variety of other purposes and can weigh between 150 grams and 600 pounds.

Now under new management (PEC was purchased in January 2019), the company’s new owner/president Mr. Jerry Ren notes:  “It’s been our experience that people generally purchase products from brands that they trust and with whom they are already familiar and comfortable.  This has been the case with PEC Tools, as we’ve experienced this kind of customer loyalty over the years and we are confident that we will well into the future.”  

He continues:  “Meanwhile, PEC Tools will continue to attract first-time buyers too, based on our well-deserved reputation for high-quality, accurate, durable and reasonably priced products.”    

About Products Engineering Corporation (PEC)
For over 58 years, Products Engineering Corporation has remained a well-known, respected and reliable leader in the manufacture of a complete line of Precision Measuring Tools, as well as Photo-Chemically Etched Parts for computer electronics and semi-conductor industries.  In 2019, weighing scales were added to our established brand, to suit different businesses and industries.

PEC products are used to accurately measure, gage and inspect parts by the government, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, wood and metal-working, masonry and music industries, as well as in other numerous trades/occupations.  Our Weighing Scales are used in scientific/laboratory settings, as well as commercial and industrial communities.   

Supplied both domestically and internationally, most PEC tools are manufactured in the USA.  They help our customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently while spending less, without sacrificing precision or quality.

In addition to PEC’s products being extremely high-quality, accurate, durable and reasonably priced, our Customer Service is legendary resulting in loyal buyers, who return time and again for their precision measuring tool and weighing scale needs. For more information, visit our website at