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PerkinElmer Launches Clarus® 590 and 690 Gas Chromatography Instruments

Advanced GC technologies help detect harmful contaminants in food, environmental, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical samples

by PerkinElmer
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Clarus® 590 WHAT: PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced the launch of its Clarus 590 and 690 gas chromatography (GC) instruments. These solutions are designed for commercial, government, product quality, and academic research professionals running high-sensitivity GC analyses on a wide range of food, environmental, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical samples for compliance with safety and regulatory standards. 

An expansion of PerkinElmer’s reliable, high-performance Clarus GC platform, the new Clarus 590 and 690 systems offer increased performance, more flexibility and higher throughput, and optimized injection. The system also features a comprehensive portfolio of sampling accessories, including industry leading TurboMatrix™ headspace and thermal desorption options, along with the new TurboMatrix MultipPrep Autosampler that enables liquid injection, headspace, and solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME).  

APPLICATIONS: PerkinElmer’s Clarus 590 and 690 instruments enable researchers to test across an extensive set of sample types: 

Clarus® 690 Food:  detection of pesticides and other harmful contaminants to help ensure compliance with global food safety regulations. Food processors can characterize flavor and fragrance profiles of finished goods to meet consumer demands. 

Environmental:  testing of air, water, and soil for meeting regulations. For air monitoring, coupling the new Clarus system with PerkinElmer’s TurboMatrix ATD technology provides a solution for detecting air toxins, ozone precursors, and soil or vapor intrusions.  

Petrochemical:  Arnel-based solutions including simulated distillation (SimDis) and refinery gas analysis. SimDis is a gas chromatographic technique used to simulate the results of an oil distillation tower, separating crudes or other multicomponent blends into component fractions by boiling points. ASTM® methods with SimDis applications have been widely used to obtain reliable and repeatable analysis given the specific parameters of each method. PerkinElmer has enhanced four popular ASTM® methods (D2887, D6352, D7169, and D7500) with SimDis technique.  

Pharmaceutical:  analysis of residual solvents inert in active ingredients for compliance with USP 467. 

WHY: “Continued regulatory expansion across industries, coupled with increasingly complex samples, drives the need for advanced GC technologies,” said Jim Corbett, executive vice president and president, Discovery & Analytical Solutions, PerkinElmer.  “Our new offering can accommodate a wide range of sample types and deliver the stringent sensitivity and characterization lab professionals need for effective analyses.” 

FEATURES: Key features of the Clarus 590 and 690 GC systems include:

  • Patented, High Performance Oven: has fastest combined heat-up and cool-down rate in a conventional oven; 
  • Wide-Range Flame Ionization Detector: identifies and quantifies the largest and smallest peaks in each sample in the same run. This detector uses an amplifier with automated auto-ranging, producing improved characterization of samples with fewer re-runs;  
  • Capillary Injector: its lower reactivity to labile samples and easier access for routine liner and injector maintenance helps prevent contamination. Its optimized injection increases performance with decreased reactivity, allowing lower reporting limits and reduced carry over;  
  • TurboMatrix MultiPrep Auto Sampler technology: allows for expansion of handling samples for broader range of workflows, enabling greater flexibility and parallel processing. This technology also delivers multiple options for liquid injection, headspace, and SPME on one system. 


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