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PerkinElmer Launches Spectrum Two™ N FT-NIR System

Innovative molecular spectroscopy solution provides advanced analysis for food, pharma,  and industrial applications

by PerkinElmer
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Spectrum Two N™ FT-NIR systemWHAT: PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today (Aug. 7) announced the launch of the Spectrum Two N™ FT-NIR system. This instrument is designed for laboratory technicians and staff conducting molecular spectroscopy analysis on a wide range of pharmaceutical, food, and industrial samples.    

The Spectrum Two N FT-NIR technology helps both technical and non-technical lab professionals analyze samples for quality assurance and quality control and to determine compliance with stringent industry regulations. It combines high-end lab performance with portability and a wide range of accessory and software options to help achieve more efficient results.  

WHY: “With a variety of sample types ranging from food to pharma and polymers to petroleum, combined with increasingly complex regulations to navigate, scientists need to perform both basic and advanced analyses inside as well as outside of the lab,” said Jim Corbett, executive vicepPresident and president, discovery & analytical solutions, PerkinElmer. “Our new solution is designed with a variety of sophisticated features and technologies that reflect our depth of spectroscopic knowledge and experience across industries.” 

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Food: Researchers at food processing and food testing labs can leverage the Spectrum Two N system for a broad range of safety authenticity purposes. These include determining nutritional quality or adulteration, especially in edible oils and solid foods such as spices. The system also has on-the-spot screening for nutritional parameters, along with potential contaminants or adulterants. 

Pharmaceutical: The Spectrum Two N system is also designed for highly regulated pharmaceutical environments. Its applications include routine raw material identification and quantification, along with counterfeit testing. It delivers audit trials, e-signatures and permissions to help meet challenging industry regulations. 

Petroleum and Energy: Fuels manufacturers and distribution networks can utilize the Spectrum Two N system to obtain high performance measurements for fuels and biofuels.

Polymers and Recycling: The system performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of a wide range of chemical compounds in industrial and polymer applications (a non-destructive way to determine physical and chemical properties). 

FEATURES: The Spectrum Two™ N instrument combines customizable features including: 

  • Plug-and-Play Near-Infrared Reflectance Module: allows for fast, simple measurements for detection of raw materials
  • Heatable Transmission Module: improves throughput with three heating vials and is suitable for heating solid fraction oils such as coconut and palm oils
  • Remote Sampling Module: provides a trigger-based probe for through-the-container analysis (with no need to open packaging)
  • Atmospheric Vapor Compensation™: an advanced digital filtering algorithm that automatically compensates for  water absorption
  • OpticsGuard™: provides a protective humidity barrier that shields the instrument from environmental effects, allowing for use in inhospitable working environments
  • Absolute Virtual Instrument™: ensures instruments are accurately calibrated during standardization using gas-phase spectra. 

MORE: For more information on PerkinElmer’s Spectrum Two™ N FT-NIR system, please click here. 


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