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Physics Luminaries Hawking and Greene to Participate in Uppsala Conference

Strings conference held in Sweden for the first time this summer. Leading theoretical physicists, including Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene will be in attendance.

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Strings, the world’s preeminent conference within the field of string theory, will be held in Sweden for the first time this summer. Several hundred leading theoretical physicists, including Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene, will meet for a week of fruitful discussion and to exchange new findings. The conference will close with a popular scientific event at the University’s Grand Auditorium.

String theory is the best candidate we have for a theory of everything. It was developed as a way of unifying quantum physics with Einstein's general theory of relativity, thus to describe the totality of physical phenomena, from the most minute to the most immense. The last three Strings conferences were held in College Station, Texas, USA (2010), Rome, Italy (2009), and at the CERN facilities near Geneva, Switzerland (2008). Now, for the first time, Sweden has been chosen to host what is perhaps the most important gathering within the field of theoretical physics.

“String theory research has progressed at an astonishing pace to encompass many areas of physics and mathematics,” says Ulf Danielsson, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Uppsala University and the author of well-regarded popular scientific books about theoretical physics. “Recent discoveries have extended the theory to exciting and unexpected new territory, and there is hope that particle physics and cosmology will soon provide ways of testing it.”

From 27 June to 2 July, hundreds of theoretical physicists will meet in Uppsala to discuss and solve problems within string theory. Leading researchers will summarise the most promising findings within the field and participate in the lively discussions that always ensue, leading to new insights and progress. Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene and Andrei Linde, three physicists who have helped to introduce string theory to the popular consciousness, will be on hand to share their knowledge with all who are interested, including the general public, who on the final day of the conference will have the opportunity to attend lectures and become acquainted with the latest research within the field.

Location and dates: Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK), 27 June to 2 July