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Pittcon 2010 Editor's Awards

These awards honor the best and most innovative new products at Pittcon.

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These awards honor the best and most innovative new products at Pittcon. This year's winners are as follows:

Gold Award: Affinity Biosensor's Archimedes particle sizing instrument
The Archimedes uses an ultra-high resolution mass sensor to weigh each particle, giving true submicron counting measurements of mass and size with excellent resolution, throughput, reproducibility, and accuracy. There is no dependence on optical properties or shape, and no need for complex "inversion algorithms" or fractionation. Particle density can also be measured.

Silver Award: Ametek's SPECTRO MS
The heart of the SPECTRO MS is the combination of a double focusing Mattauch-Herzog sector field mass spectrometer with a fully novel detector that is able to simultaneously record the complete ion beam. With maintenance-friendly housing, robust systems for vacuum and cooling, a flexible sample introduction system, matrix tolerant interface, an efficient ion optic and simple routine operation, the system offers unique possibilities.

Bronze Award: MSI Tokyo's infiTOF Mass Spectrometer
Based on orbi-electrode technology that dramatically shrinks the size of a TOF-MS instrument.

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Further nominations included:

NanoIR, Anasys
Mass Stream D-6300, Bronkhurst
Shuttle & Find, Carl Zeiss
Discovery-SPD, CEM
ICS 500 CapIC, Dionex
RheolaserLAB, Formulaction
LabNavigator, Forston Laboratories
NexION 300, PerkinElmer
Nanotrap Biomarker Discovery Platform, Shimadzu
LTQ Velos, Thermo Fisher Scientific
First Defender RM, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Prismatic Multi Species Gas Analyser, Tiger Optics
Acquity UPLC H Class, Waters
Mobius Mobility Instrument, Wyatt Technology
FasTOF, Zoex