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Pittcon Announces Speakers for Waters Symposium

Thermal Analysis Instrumentation

by Pittcon Organizing Committee
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Pittsburgh, PA. October 30, 2014 —The Pittcon Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the details of the 2015 James L. Waters Annual Symposium, “Thermal Analysis Instrumentation.” The symposium will include three speakers who will cover thermal analysis from its early development through commercialization and application and highlight its rich history, as well as, its future.

We are extremely pleased to welcome the following innovators to Pittcon 2015.

Roger Lee Blaine, TA Instruments (Retired)

Robert Danley, TA Instruments

Kevin P. Menard, PerkinElmer

When asked about trends in thermal analysis, Dr. Menard replied: "Thermal Analysis is a relatively mature collection of techniques; the last major innovation was fast-scanning DSC. What has changed is the need for more precise information and hyphenated techniques answer this need.  For example, TGA or STA on their own require a fair amount of assumptions to correlate weight losses with what is actually occurring. Checking the off-gas by using FTIR, MS, or GCMS allows us to be sure of what actually came off."

This informative session will take place during Pittcon on Monday, March 9, 2015, 1:30 p.m. Details and bios of the speakers can be found at