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Podium Abstracts Due August 6 for SLAS2019

Share your expertise in the data analysis and informatics track

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SLASAs members of the SLAS2019 Program Planning Committee, we encourage you to submit an abstract for presentation at our event in February.

SLAS is a unique organization and event, one that brings together multidisciplinary experts from science and technology in a productive and collaborative environment. As a presenter, you will benefit from direct access to a host of experts in the life sciences space, plus thoughtful input from peers that can inspire new ideas to further your research.

Need more convincing? Read more about the benefits of presenting.  We are specifically compiling the Data Analysis and Informatics track, which will consist of three sessions, each made up of four presentations.

These sessions include:

• The Lab of the Future: Automation in the Digital Age o Session Chair: Nicola Richmond, Ph.D., GlaxoSmithKline (UK)

• The Data Repurposing Challenge: Research Data Sharing and Reuse Strategies o Session Chair: Tudor Oprea, M.D., Ph.D., University of New Mexico School of Medicine (USA)

• Driving a Data Culture Through Digitalizing Lab Workflows o Session Chair: Paul Clemons, Ph.D., Broad Institute (USA)

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