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PolyScience Temperature Control Solutions

PolyScience is a leading manufacturer of liquid temperature control solutions. Since 1963, PolyScience has responded to the needs of laboratory, plastics, medical, chemical and industrial markets with countless innovations. Our product offering includes circulating water baths, unstirred general purpose water baths, chillers and coolers and a range of application-specific products.


At PolyScience, our award-winning line of precise temperature control equipment has been manufactured in the United States for 60 years with the same core values in mind—quality reliability, durability, and...

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In recent years, PolyScience launched a revolutionary line of precisely controlled units, redefining the Circulating Water Bath market. Introducing touch-screens and other patented technologies, including Swivel 180™, LidDock™ and DuraTop™, were just some of the major cosmetic and functional changes. Both the Swivel 180™ Rotating Controller (which allows the user to rotate the controller independently from the bath) and the LidDock™ lid-stowing system (which gives the lid a place to perch, other than the lab bench) maximize lab space and enhance the user experience. The DuraTop™ precision-molded phenolic bath top remains cooler at high temperatures, resists laboratory chemicals, and is easily cleaned and disinfected.

90 Circulator models including:

  • Refrigerated, Heated, and two Immersion Circulators
  • Six controller options
  • Various communication protocols
  • Reservoir sizes from 6 to 75 liters

This year, PolyScience is launching a brand new, re-imagined line of General Purpose Water Baths. For the first time, premium digital water baths are available at the price of an analog bath, allowing laboratories to upgrade and receive an enhanced feature set (including an LCD display that shows actual and set temperatures simultaneously and a built-in timer) at a fraction of previous costs. These new water baths also reach set temperature in a fraction of the time and use 1/3 less electricity, compared to previous models.

PolyScience Recirculating Chillers provide circulated cooling for incubation water jackets, electron microscopes and larger distillation systems. With different sizes and cooling capacities, PolyScience Benchtop and 6000 Series Chillers fit your lab needs.

PolyScience also manufactures a wide range of specialty products including:

  • Histology Products
  • Calibration Baths
  • Viscosity Baths
  • 75 and 190 Liter Refrigerated Baths for accelerated beverage aging studies

Whether you’re in a life science lab or a quality control lab, PolyScience can meet your temperature control needs.

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