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Preventing Chemical Spills

In 2008, three drops of spilled acid was all it took to send two graduate students to the hospital. Although they went to the hospital as a precaution, the injuries they sustained could have been worse. 

by Lab Manager
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Most spills are preventable. The following are some tips that could help to prevent or minimize the magnitude of a spill:

  • Place chemical containers being used in a hood or lab bench area that reduces the possibility of accidentally knocking over a container.
  • Keep all unused reagents in thier appropriate storage area and keep your work area clean of needles equipment and clutter.
  • Plan your movements. Look where you are reaching to ensure you will not cause a spill.
  • Avoid transporting chemicals from the stockroom during periods of high traffic in hallways.
  • Transport chemical containers in a chemical carrier or cart.
  • Place absorbent plastic-backed liners on benchtops or in fume hoods where spills can be anticipated. For volumes of liquid larger than what can be absorbed by liners, use trays.