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MiniTasker® General Purpose Modular Laboratory Robot Platform to Be Featured at Pittcon 2018

New robot handles the mundane and routine tasks required in every laboratory

Sirius Automation

MiniTasker® General Purpose Modular Laboratory Robot PlatformThis general purpose modular laboratory robot from Sirius Automation is designed for such everyday tasks as analytical weighing  (4 or 5 place), sample ID (1D or 2D barcodes), sorting, dilutions, internal standard addition, standard prep, un-capping & re-capping, transfers & aliquoting. The MiniTasker® features a large sample capacity (max. 20 microplate racks or custom equivalent), choice of disposables and labware, yet benchtop compact (3’x2’) footprint and easy to use interface (21CFR11 compliance options) with LIMS compatible data management.

The simplest ideas are often the most powerful and the MiniTasker® is a case in point. Our intention was to develop a ‘personal assistant’ robot to be used for the mundane and routine tasks required in every laboratory, yet ensure it be sufficiently general-purpose that each new usage can be different from the previous, and still be set up so easily everybody would want to use the automation for themselves.

Any user can move from method to method, storing them on a standard PC/controller for when they are needed and utilizing a series of readily interchangeable fingers, racks, and nests to ensure compatibility with all different types of standard labware.

The robot hardware is exceptionally fast, and incorporates a built-in enclosure and optional hardware interlock to ensure safety. Each robotic step is recorded and logged such that there is a unique and ‘forensic’ sample history to be readily maintained. User & LIMS interfaces are compatible with 21CFR11 & GLP compliance.

The whole unit requires only 36” of linear benchspace and is sufficiently stable to be mounted on wheeled carts if lab-to-lab portability is required. Currently each unit is offered with installation, training, and a full 1-year comprehensive warranty. 

For more information, contact or call 877-230-5267 

See the MiniTasker® at Booth 1862 at Pittcon 2018