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Purchasing Guide: Chemicals

Chemical usage is a necessary and sometimes challenging component of many laboratories

by Lab Manager
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Chemical usage is a necessary and sometimes challenging component of many laboratories. Learning how to properly use and store the chemicals you need for routine work can be complex because different chemicals have different hazards and storage requirements, among other complicating factors. Purchasing chemicals from a trusted source is the first step, but knowing how to store materials when they arrive at your lab is vital to maximizing your experimental output and maintaining the safety of your employees. For a directory of chemical suppliers, visit

5 Questions to Ask When Handling and Storing Chemicals

  1. Is there space in designated storage locations for incoming chemicals that require them, such as flammable safety cabinets? 
  2. Is the safety data sheet up to date and have all members of the lab read it prior to working with these chemicals? 
  3. Are complete spillkits and instructions present near chemical storage and readily accessible in case of a spill?
  4. What PPE is required to work with these chemicals (e.g., gloves, goggles, etc)? Is the laboratory sufficiently stocked? 
  5. Does the laboratory have a system set up to manage chemical inventory and ensure expired chemicals are safely and responsibly disposed of?

Usage Tip

Using a safety checklist for your laboratory chemicals can reduce the risks associated with handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals by ensuring protocols are readily available and followed. Keeping chemicals up to date, ensuring their safe usage, and maintaining proper documentation will also help you stay safe in the lab and ensure accurate experimental results.

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Chemical Storage Webinar

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