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Purchasing Guide: Informatics

Laboratory informatics platforms can be used to manage inventory, keep track of maintenance schedules, and more

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Laboratory informatics can be used to manage inventory, keep track of maintenance schedules, maintain staff training records, monitor instrument status, and store valuable experimental data. Many companies offer easy-to-use, innovative solutions in addition to custom, so you have the exact capabilities you need. For a list of informatics manufacturers, see our online directory:

7 Questions to Ask When Buying Laboratory Informatics Solutions:

  1. What functions do you need from your informatics solutions?
  2. How many users require access to the software?
  3. What kind of security and user access control features do you require?
  4. Can the vendor work with you to configure the software to fit your exact needs?
  5. Can the software be scaled up as your needs grow?
  6. Will the software integrate with the instruments in your lab or software already in use?
  7. What support and training options are available from the vendor?

Successful Cloud Implementation

Making your lab’s informatics solutions available via the cloud has numerous benefits, such as easy accessibility and scalability, as well as challenges such as data security considerations. If you believe in hosting your lab’s informatics solutions on a cloud platform rather than on a local server, read about valuable strategies to implement a cloud solution successfully at

Removing Data Silos

Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) can play a valuable role in bridging data pools, allowing for more holistic, informed decision-making. Learn about the role that cloud-native ELNs can play in removing data silos at