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qPCR Courses Spring 2014 - Including single cell analysis!

TATAA Biocenter has been a real-time qPCR course provider for over 10 years and has trained thousands of satisfied researchers. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you!

by TATAA Biocenter
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Get something to look forward to by taking the opportunity to register to one of our popular and highly appreciated courses, our offer comprises both basic and advanced hands-on training suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about qPCR.



Description: In this course you will learn to recognize the difference between cell population and single-cell analysis and how to interpret and apply single-cell data in biological studies. Practical training in cell collection, gene expression profiling and data analysis at the single-cell level is included. The course contains:

  • Overview of single-cell biology: methods, examples and trends
  • Cell population versus single-cell analysis using gene expression profiling
  • Cell collection methods. Demonstration of using FACS to collect single-cells
  • Practical exercise running RT-qPCR to analyze individual cells
  • Single-cell data analysis, including practical exercises

Note: Changed date to 23-24 January 2014

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Our popular course “Experimental design and statistical data analysis” is now also available online.

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