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Ritips Evolution—for Excellent Liquid Handling

The new tips are available in nine sizes from 0.1 ml to 50 ml

by Ritter Medical
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  • Available in nine sizes from 0.1 ml to 50 ml
  • Equipped with a color-coded adapter that greatly facilitates the work in the laboratory
  • Enable highly precise dosing, even in low volume applications

Ritter Medical offers with the new Ritips® evolution universal dispenser tips for a variety of standard hand dispensers. The new tips are available in nine sizes from 0.1 ml to 50 ml, and available both in standard version as well as in single wrapped bioclean® quality. For faster identification of the correct tip, all sizes are equipped with a color-coded adapter, which greatly facilitates the work in the laboratory. In addition, the encoded adapter in many electronic hand dispensers detects the dispensing volume in the display and thus ensures optimized compatibility with even more dispensers. Of course, the versatile Ritips® evolution is also compatible with most other mechanical steppers.

The tips also enable highly precise dosing, even in low volume applications, since even smallest volumes (from 1 μl) can be dispensed without using any additional pipet tip. Using the direct displacement method, Ritips® evolution are suitable for viscous, infectious, and volatile liquids.

Comfortable and timesaving: the digital display of the hand dispenser indicates the previously set discharge volume so that users can rely immediately on their last step in the laboratory after stopping work or, for example, after a distracting phone call.

The system Ritips® - Ripette® has already been widely sold, which on the one hand lies in the high quality at an affordable price and on the other hand in its compatibility with most common dispensers.

Ritter has succeeded in adapting the volume of the tip and the size of the plunger so that precisely come out the same dispensing volumes. “Know-how and experience in manufacturing and quality assurance from the larger cartridge sector of Ritter GmbH are incorporated here. Both products are similar in production and function: thin-walled cylindrical vessels for dense storage and regulated dispensing of liquids from large or low viscosity,” pointed out Michael Fuchs, sales manager, Ritter Medical.

Ritips® evolution are compatible with the following serial dispensers:                          

Ripette®, Ripette® pro, Ripette® genX, eLine™ Dispenser, Multipette® 4780,
Multipette® plus, Minilab 100, Minilab 101, Minilab 201, Distriman®, StepMate, EasyStep, EasyStep electronic, RepeatOne®, Handrop, HandyStep®, HandyStep® S, HandyStep® electronic.

All product names are registered by their respective owners:

Multipette – Eppendorf AG
Handystep – Brand GmbH & Co KG
Distriman – Gilson Inc.
eLine – Sartorius
Repeat One – Starlab AG