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Robot Compatible Solvent Removal Workstation

The UltraVap Mistral XT 150 is designed for easy integration with linear laboratory robots

by Porvair Sciences
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The new UltraVap Mistral XT 150 from Porvair Sciences provides unmatched automated dry down of organic solvent-based samples in tubes and microplates up to 150mm in length.

Porvair Sciences UltraVap Mistral XT-150Porvair Sciences' UltraVap Mistral XT-150.Credit: Porvair SciencesDesigned for easy integration with linear laboratory robots, the UltraVap Mistral XT 150 uses a sample shuttle which can serve and retrieve long tubes or microplates from the deck of Perkin Elmer, Tecan, Hamilton, and Beckman liquid handlers. Controlled via an intuitive color touchscreen, the UltraVap Mistral 150 accepts tubes up to 150mm in length and comes complete with clear safety side screens and full integral fume management within the unit.

Proven to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent removal, the UltraVap Mistral XT 150 offers significant throughput advantages to laboratories looking to optimize sample preparation of single microplates or smaller numbers of tubes.

Installation of the UltraVap Mistral XT 150 requires only connection to a gas supply and mains electricity. Safety of solvent removal operation is ensured as this compact CE marked unit fits into all fume cupboards.

For further information on the UltraVap Mistral XT 150 visit  or contact Porvair Sciences on +44-1978-666222 /

Established in 1992, Porvair Sciences is one of the largest global manufacturers of ultra-clean microplates and top-quality microplate equipment for life science, synthetic chemistry, and many other applications. Throughout North America, Porvair Sciences products are available and locally supported from sister company, JG Finneran Associates Inc., which also designs, manufactures, and distributes a complimentary range of specialist laboratory consumables including vials, filters, microplates, and closures. Porvair Sciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.