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Safety Responsibilities for Managers

Listed are some useful tips for managers to ensure a safe work environment.

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  • Furnish a work environment free from correctable, recognized hazards.
  • Establish and require safe work practices as normal procedure.
  • Include safety in job planning.
  • Actively support and enforce safety policy through subordinate supervisors. Counsel and discipline employees who willfully and continually disregard safe work practices.
  • Meet with subordinate supervisors periodically to review accidents, discuss safety, and explore safer methods to accomplish work.
  • Purchase and provide all necessary personal protective equipment and job safety equipment.
  • Ensure subordinate supervisors are supervising for good safety practice.
  • Set a positive example by practicing safety, and personally using all appropriate safety equipment.
  • Allow subordinates time and resources to do the job safely.
  • Be familiar with safety and health laws, and ensure compliance.
  • Assure all appropriate work locations have a safety bulletin board, and that material is current and relevant.