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Sample Preparation Consumables Buyer's Guide

Sample preparation methods for applications such as chromatography require single-use  consumables like filters and syringes

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Sample preparation methods for specific applications, such as chromatography, require singleuse consumables like filters and syringes. These methods include filtration, solid phase extraction, solid supported liquid extraction, solid phase microextraction, and dispersive solid phase extraction (QuEChERS).

5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Sample Preparation Consumables

  1. Do your supplies need to meet particular specifications or quality assurance thresholds?
  2. Do the consumables need to be compatible with your sample preparation instruments?
  3. How frequently will you be using consumables for your sample preparation method? How many should you buy at a time?
  4. What types of consumables are currently used by your lab?
  5. Where will the consumables be stored? Is there space in your lab for large quantities of supplies?

Maintenance Tip

Consumable products are designed to be used only once, so don’t try to wash and re-use supplies. Before use, inspect all packaging to ensure there has been no damage and the supply is still sterile. If the consumable is for use with a specific piece of equipment, make sure that it is compatible before use.

Safety Tip

After use, consumable products should be disposed of safely in the appropriate receptacles. Always use gloves when handling and disposing of consumables that have been exposed to solvents or samples.

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