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NuAire’s Polypropylene NU-162 and NU-164 By-Pass Fume Hoods are manufactured using ½ inch stressrelieved, fully seam-welded, white 100% Polypropylene.

by NuAire

NuAire’s Polypropylene NU-162 and NU-164 By-Pass Fume Hoods are manufactured using ½ inch stressrelieved, fully seam-welded, white 100% Polypropylene. A Combination Vertical / Horizontal Sash offer the user an option of opening the sash by sliding the window up and down or if preferred, slide the window from side to side. The NU-164 provides quality personnel protection and is an excellent choice for long lasting, highly corrosive resistant, metal free applications. NuAire fume hoods are the ideal solution for professionals in chemical and electrical engineering, environmental toxic analysis, toxicology, analytical chemistry, and trace metal analysis fields. Each cabinet is inspected and certified to SEFA 1-1992 performance and are independently tested to meet the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 110-1995.

Cabinets and Casework are also manufactured using stress-relieved, fully seam-welded, white corrosiveresistant polypropylene. Walls and floors are reinforced to maintain structural integrity. Outer cabinet shell, kick plate and shelves are constructed from ½ inch polypropylene. Each cabinet incorporates easy-to-clean shelves, handles, hinges and screws also made of 100% polypropylene. Doors are secured with Teflon® coated magnetic catches.

NuAire’s “Metal Free” Clean Room Pass Thru is constructed entirely from ½” thick stress relieved seamwelded white Polypropylene, including the handles, latches, and screws. Designed with a 24”x 24” ½” pass thru open area with clear Polycarbonate viewing window on both sides of the pass thru. This Clean Room Pass Thru can be custom ordered with or without an interlock allowing only one door to open at a time.

Laboratory Supply Cart allows for rapid access to supplies needed during sensitive research protocols. This polypropylene cart allows for users to move materials between labs in one mobile solution. With 3 side-wall bins for pipettes, compartment for gloves, a drawer to carry lint-free wipe, and a large storage compartment to carry all your laboratory supplies. NuAire’s Supply Cart utilizes a spill-proof lip to keep sensitive or hazardous substances contained. The heavy duty castors / brakes make moving the cart easy and secure the cart from rolling away.

In an effort to help keep your Laboratory looking crisp and clean, NuAire has designed a Plumbing / Utility Chase to cover plumbing pipes that may be exposed in your laboratory. This Chase is made from ½’ white or black polypropylene, 24 inches wide by 6 inches deep, the height is built according to customer specifications, also included are two (2) 24 inch x 20 inch removable access panels. Flanges can be added for wall mounting.

Peg Boards made of all virgin polypropylene with a 1” back board and ¼” drip trough. The boards are available in high gloss white or black and weigh a third of common epoxy resin peg board making it easier to work with. The drip trough comes standard with ½” FPT coupling; a drainage tube can be installed for directing liquids into a sink basin. The Pegs are molded from chemical resistant polypropylene 6” long, with a 30º angle, and are removable for cleaning or for accommodating larger glassware items. A 30” x 30” Board contains 46 pegs; a 30” x 36” Board contains 52 pegs.

NuAire supplies laboratory professionals with quality Polypropylene products that are designed to conform to the specific needs of your laboratory applications and requirements.

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